Gaming Gift Ideas

Gaming gift ideas

Between August 2019 and August 2020, gaming sales increased by 37% to a staggering $3.3 billion.

The pandemic has a lot to do with the increasing number of gamers out there. Whether the gamer in your life is new to the scene or a seasoned vet, there are plenty of gaming gift ideas that can improve their experience.

Gaming accessories can make gaming more fun, more fluid, and help bring the skill of the gamer to the next level. But if you’re not a gamer, you probably don’t know where to start.

Not to worry, that’s why we’re here. We’re taking you through the best gifts for video gamers so you can put a smile on their face.

PC Versus Console Gaming Accessories

Before diving into the best gaming gift ideas, we need to talk about PC versus console gaming.

Consoles come ready to go. When you purchase an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, it comes with the console itself and a controller. They tend to be easier to set up and use but they don’t perform as well as a PC when it comes to serious gaming.

PCs are more powerful gaming machines. They also offer a lot in terms of customization. However, building a gaming PC can cost a small fortune, which is why, if your gamer prefers a PC, you probably have a more serious gamer on your hands.

So, the question is: does the gamer you’re buying for the game on a PC? Or do they prefer a console like an Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo? This is an important consideration because what they use to game will impact what accessories they need. For example, if they use a PC, they control the game with a mouse and keyboard, whereas if they use a console. They control the game with any number of controllers (and each console has its own).

To make buying gifts for video gamers easier. We’ve broken down our gaming gift ideas by the type of machines used by gamers. Where appropriate, we’ve also mentioned what type of gamer needs these accessories and made some product recommendations.

PC Gaming Gift Ideas

PC gaming is done on a computer, so it requires gaming accessories that are compatible with a PC. The most popular gaming accessories for a PC are a mouse, keyboard, headsets, and controllers. We’ll go into detail about each below.

1. Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse is quite different than a regular mouse. They have different grips (palm grip, tip grip, and claw grip). They often have programmable buttons (and sometimes even extra buttons). And They have customizable DPIs (dots per inch, which measures mouse sensitivity). The latter is especially important for gamers who play fast-paced games and require precise mouse movement.

Ergonomic Wireless Optical Mouse

The grip of this wireless mouse is ergonomic, so it’s great for any gamer’s grip preference. It also features an optical sensor, which eliminates unintentional on-screen movements that could make or break a game. Plus, it has an adjustable DPI. Gamers can choose from 800 to 1600 DPI, depending on what works for them or changing it up to suit whatever game they’re currently playing.

2. Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards have very specific features that make gaming more fluid. Some of the most important features to look for are key rollover and anti-ghosting (which allows more than 1 or 2 keypresses to be registered), mechanical switches that offer a tactile bump and are more durable than membrane switches, single or full backlighting, software customization and programmable keys.

Ergonomic Single-Handed Gaming Keypad

Do you know what hand your gamer uses primarily? It doesn’t matter with this one handed keyboard, ergonomically designed for both left and right handed gamers. This keyboard makes quick movements and precision possible and features dedicated multimedia keys that make it easy to switch between gaming. It’s also 100% portable, so the user can bring their favorite keyboard with them anywhere they want to game.

3. Headsets

If your gamer plays online multiplayer games, then a headset is an essential gaming accessory. The things to pay attention to when purchasing a headset are comfort, sound quality, microphone quality, and wired or wireless. Look for something that has noise cancelling or noise reduction to help filter background noise and make audio output relatively clear.

Noise Reduction Light Weight Gaming Headset

This lightweight gaming headset is made with skin-friendly material and super soft ear pads that stay comfortable even after hours of playing. They’re omni-directional noise reduction means gamers won’t here any ambient noise around them and their audio will be super sharp. Plus, the one-key volume control and mute make it easy to control volume while in the midst of even the most complex games.

4. Controllers

A keyboard and mouse work best for first-person shooter games and even strategy games like Fortnite or Overwatch. But for any other game on Blizzard, Humble Bundle, or Steam, a dedicated controller might be better (and having the option to switch never hurts). Wireless controllers are your best bet for a PC controller, and they should have a relatively decent build quality to last a long time.

Dynamic Wireless Controller

This wireless controller has a wireless range of 8 meters, which is plenty of space to remain precise. It has a rechargeable lithium ion battery and it’s compatible with many different devices. If your gamer ever wants to move their gaming onto an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or tablet, this controller is still compatible.

Xbox and PlayStation Gaming Gift Ideas

Xbox and PlayStation come with everything a gamer needs to get started. But to add to the fun, protect expensive equipment, and make the gaming experience more involved, items such as controllers, charging docks, headsets, and controller accessories are great gaming gift ideas. Find out more about each of these gaming accessories below.

1. Controllers

When you buy an Xbox or PlayStation, they come with one controller. But to be able to play with friends and family in the same room, a gamer needs more than that. You don’t have to buy official Xbox accessories or PS4 accessories, third-party controllers work just as well (if not better) and they tend to be one of the less expensive gifts for video gamers. Some even come with extra features you didn’t know you needed.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller

This controller is as good as the official Xbox accessories. Its advanced wireless technology allows for precision, speed, and accuracy within a 30-foot range. It features rumble feedback as well as an Xbox 360 Guide button that allows the user to keep track of friends, access games and media, and power the console on and off.

PlayStation 4 Wireless Controller

In terms of PS4 accessories, this wireless controller features a slim, streamlined design that makes it comfortable to hold and easy to transport. It has textured grip and thumbsticks that make gaming more precise because the fingers and hands don’t slip. The built-in speaker improves the gaming experience and it’s super easy to recharge with the console or with any standard charger with a micro-USB port.

PlayStation 4 Wireless Bluetooth Game Chatpad

This chatpad connects to a PS4 Dual Shock controller and allows the user to chat and write text on multi-player PS4 games (without interrupting the game itself). With this awesome PS4 accessory, there’s no need for a bulky external keyboard and it even comes with a built-in external speaker, which the user can override with a headset if preferred. There’s also an Xbox version of this chatpad for gamers who game with Microsoft products.

2. Charging Docks

Most Xbox and PlayStation gamers prefer wireless controllers these days. They make for less of a tripping hazard and provide a wider range of motion. And while those are great reasons to love wireless, one downfall of this technology is that it has to be charged. But with multi-port docking stations, charging controllers is a heck of a lot easier.

Xbox Charging Dock

This dual charger charges two controllers at once. To charge two at once takes only 4 hours and to charge only one controller takes 2 hours. The dock powers off when the controllers are fully charged, which protects the lithium ion battery in the long run.

PlayStation Charging Dock

This PlayStation charging dock also features the ability to charge two controllers at one time. It’s designed to accommodate PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro dual shock 4 wireless controllers and has an anti-slip function that holds the chargers in place, so they never drop off the dock. The dock will have your controllers charged in as little as 3 hours and the LED charging indicator will let you know when they’re ready.

3. Headsets

The same rules that apply to headsets for PC gamers also apply to headsets for gaming consoles. You want to look for something comfortable in terms of fit and ear padding as well as a device with noise reduction and a good mic for capturing clear audio. True surround sound is great for hearing from multiple directions, but stereo sounds offer almost the same quality.

Noise Reduction Light Weight Gaming Headset

This headset is the only one we carry for a good reason. It’s compatible with both Xbox and PlayStation as well as PCs and even smart phones. It features stereo-sound and noise reduction so ambient noise is blocked out and the user’s audio is clearer. In terms of comfort, it’s made with skin-friendly material and super soft ear pads.

4. Controller Protection

You pay a pretty penny for the best gaming gift ideas, so you want to be sure that gift is protected. If you purchase a controller, or if your gamer already has a number of controllers, consider purchasing controller protection. This helps to keep the controller sturdy in the user’s hands so there’s no chance of it slipping and also protects it when it’s (inevitably) dropped.

PS4 Studded Dots Silicone Protective Case Cover

A protective case cover for PS4 Dualshock 4 DS4 Version 1 & Version 2 Controllers, the studded surface is not only comfortable, it also prevents slipping from even the sweatiest of hands. The silicone also acts as an excellent protection if the controller is ever dropped, meaning you won’t get any scratches or dings. It’s easy to install, available in multiple colors, and it has precise openings for all the buttons and switches on these PS4 accessories.

Xbox One X/ One S Silicone Case Controller

Designed for Xbox One X and One S controllers, this silicone casing is anti-slip to prevent any unintentional slipping while gaming, ultimately providing more precision and accuracy. That durable silicone casing also acts as protection against scratches and dings if the controller is ever dropped. With precise openings for the analog stick, touch sensor pads, speaker hole, and other buttons, it comes in multiple colors to suit any gamer’s style.

PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 OneSilicone Thumb Stick Grip Caps

Obviously, silicone protective cases leave openings for analog sticks, but those can be just as slippery in some hands. For that, you need thumb grips. Made of silicone, these are anti-slip and can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Each pack comes with a set of 2 thumb grips and they can even be used to replace worn or broken controller caps on PlayStation and Xbox controllers.

Nintendo Gaming Gift Ideas

Nintendo is a different kind of gaming altogether, especially with the latest introduction of the handheld Nintendo Switch. But handheld means there’s a lot more room for damage, which is why protection and stands are some of the best gaming gift ideas for Nintendo gamers.

1. Controllers and Controller Accessories

While Nintendo Switch is the latest and greatest to come from this brand, the Wii is also still widely loved. Both devices come with their own controllers and those controllers have a ton of accessories depending on the games your gamer prefers.

Nintendo Wii Game Shock Joypad Two Interface Gamepad Controller

The Nintendo Wii has its own very special controllers, but they don’t work well for all games. For example, if your gamer is used to playing Mario Kart on a traditional controller, the Wii controller is going to have a huge learning curve. It’s always nice to have the option to switch to a controller that’s more familiar, which is what makes this gamepad controller a great gaming gift idea.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Racing Steering Wheel

Like we said, because of the diversity of games Nintendo offers, their very different controllers often require very different accessories. For playing racing games on a Switch, for example, it’s often uncomfortable to use the device or the controllers it comes with. Instead, buy the gamer you love this steering wheel extension that will take racing games to the next level.

2. Protection

The Wii and Switch controllers often get moved around quite a lot during game play. Which is why protecting them is of utmost importance. Just one drop of this fragile technology and you could wind up requiring an entirely new controller. The same can be said for the Switch. As a handheld device, the potential for damage is large.

Nintendo Switch Joy Cons 2-in-1 Wristband Adjustable Elastic Strap

There’s really no better way to protect a controller than to have it securely strapped to the wrist. These are made with skin-friendly materials that are comfortable for hours of play and they’re made specifically for lovers of dance and multi-player games. Completely adjustable to fit any size wrist, they come one to a pack, so make sure you’re buying one for every controller your gamer has.

Nintendo Switch Protective Waterproof Case Cover

The Switch was made to be moved around, but all that moving increases the chances of damage. To protect a Switch from that potential damage while in transit, gamers need this gaming accessory. Not only does the hard casing protect the Switch from falls, scratches, and dings, but it’s also completely waterproof.

3. Stands

We all know and love the stands for our tablets and even tripods for our phones. But who would have thought that the same concept could be transferred to gaming consoles? Well, considering the Switch is a handheld device just like a tablet or a phone, of course it makes sense to consider a stand as one of the many great gifts for video gamers.

Nintendo Switch Adjustable Holder

Also compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite, this holder adjusts to different heights and angles to suit the gamer. It’s made of durable ABS plastic and two secure prongs to hold the device in place. It’s completely foldable and compact so it can be taken wherever the Switch goes, and it’s available in multiple colors.

More Gaming Gift Ideas from Esource

If you’re not a gamer, then coming up with great gaming gift ideas can be difficult. But look no further than the suggestions above for a gift that the gamer in your life will appreciate and love. Choose from controllers, head sets, and other gaming accessories that are well-vetted by our customers.

And for even more choice, have a look at our entire gaming selection here.

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