Cutest Mobile Phone Cover Cases You Don’t Want to Miss

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Smartphone cases are the most essential accessory that you could make use of for your mobile phone. Not only are they extremely effective in making your smartphone more durable, but they can also elevate your phone’s aesthetic appeal. A mobile case is a good indicator of the personality of the person whose phone it’s on, so it should be chosen with care and consideration.

If you’re looking to buy a cute mobile phone cover, this list compiled from the official Esource website is the best place to look. These are some of the best phone cases Canada has to offer, having an outstanding build quality and offering excellent value for money.

Let’s dive into the details!

Cute Cartoon Liquid Quicksand Glitter Case For iPhone 7/8 Plus – Flower

The Cute Cartoon Liquid Quicksand Glitter Case For iPhone 7/8 Plus – Flower is the best mobile case for people looking to buy a cute cover for their phones, especially for young girls. It’s the right accessory for young girls to buy because the design is what they would hope to find to make their phone look prettier, with liquid glitter encased in a cover made of beautiful flowers.

It’s available in many different colors, which means that you can buy the case in multiple colors and swap them from time to time so that you don’t feel monotonous or boring. This cover is perfect for your iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 8 Plus.

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Cute Patterned Luxury Soft Silicon Phone Case For iPhone 7/8 Plus – Purple

The Cute Patterned Luxury Soft Silicon Phone Case is one of the more simplistic mobile phone cases on the market. It is a lot more subtle about its design than the others available in this category – it has a build that consists of soft silicone to provide a smooth base to the phone and adds extra protection to the phone. Since the cover is made out of silicon, it adds more traction to grip the phone easily. Moreover,  the cover has a baby unicorn on its back that perfectly complements the color scheme. This makes it one of the cutest cases available for the older and larger iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus models and will make them more aesthetically pleasing.

Cute Cartoon Liquid Quicksand Glitter Case For Apple iPhone X / iPhone XS – Flamingo

The Cute Cartoon Liquid Quicksand Glitter Case For Apple iPhone X / iPhone XS – Flamingo is an amazing product and one of the cutest mobile phone cases you could buy. This cover’s most attractive aspect is the striking flamingo on its back, with an intricate design and standing on a single leg. The flamingo appears as if wearing a crown made of a flower – surrounded by pretty flowers on all sides.

The pink cover is a combination of bright pink, baby pink, and a faded blue, and this color scheme is perfect for this design. The cover is fitted with a soft shell, making it suitable to increase the phone’s durability, and is one of the best cover cases for the newer iPhone X models.

Sheer Crystal Twinkling Glass Crystal Fashionable Phone Case For Apple iPhone XR – Pink

The Sheer Crystal Twinkling Glass Crystal Fashionable Phone Case is probably the most striking and bold product you will find on the market for cute mobile phone cases. It is the perfect accessory because it combines durability and aesthetics to deliver an amazing all-around cover case – it comes with a good build quality that adds extra protection to the phone and offers better grip. It is available in three different colors and would be the perfect addition to your new iPhone XR.

Google Pixel 3 XL Soft TPU Unicorn Printed Cover Case

This is a mobile case that everyone should buy, especially considering the value for money that it offers. It is designed to be compatible with the Google Pixel 3 and really adds to the qualities of the phone itself. The cover is visually appealing, with multiple small unicorns and clouds on a light gray background. This mobile cover can resist being slippery against the skin, which means that it will offer you better grip and usability. It is extremely lightweight, which means that your phone won’t become too heavy.

Final Thoughts

This list of the best mobile phone cases in Canada offers a comprehensive insight into the best products available on the market. All of these cases are available at very affordable prices on the official Esource website, and you should check them out to make your phone prettier while also adding an extra bit of security.

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