Must-Have Cell Phone Accessories for Photographers

Every year, the major players in the smartphone industry set the bar higher for camera quality. This excellent quality is attributed to great strides in both camera hardware and software. This major improvement in cameras is getting a lot of people interested in smartphone photography. Because after all, the best camera is the one that you have on you at all times.

Instagram, Snapchat, and your stock camera app are all just software that will only take you so far. You are going to need more professional cell phone accessories to set your smartphone photography apart from the rest. So, the next time you are out shopping, you may want to consider getting a couple of accessories that take your photography to the next level.

We have put together a list of 5 must-have cell phone accessories that will help you greatly improve your smartphone photography.

1. Tripod

The level of stabilization that a tripod can give your photos and videos is impossible to achieve when you are holding your phone in your hand. And the better the stabilization, the clearer and more detailed your images will be. Tripods also come in handy when taking group photos or even selfies. While all tripods help to stabilize your photos and reduce camera shake, you can choose from many tripod types depending on your needs.

2. Selfie Stick

Ever since the invention of the front camera, selfies and selfie sticks have enjoyed a significant place in pop culture. Selfie sticks, however, are not a fad, they are a valuable smartphone photography tool for taking that perfect group photo or solo selfie. You can take pictures from a variety of angles and improve stability with a selfie stick. Apart from this, selfie sticks can be used in a wide variety of ways, which is only limited by the creativity of the photographer.

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3. Camera Lenses

Most smartphones coming out this year boast dual, triple, and even quad-camera setups. Despite the great improvements in smartphone cameras in recent years, they still lag behind the quality of professional DSLR cameras.

Even with a telephoto or wide-angle lens in your smartphone, photographers know that there is room for a better primary lens, fisheye lens, or macro lens. There are several camera lenses available in the market that you can add to your smartphone’s camera set up to take better pictures.

Since most manufacturers place their lenses in different locations, we recommend you get camera lenses that are compatible with your phone, not just any generic lenses. Camera lenses are some of the most popular cell phone accessories in Canada.

camera lenses, camera lens for smartphones
Camera Lenses

4. Bluetooth Remote Shutter

When taking group photos, someone has to stay behind the camera to press the shutter button which is a bummer. Bluetooth remote shutters allow you to include everyone in the photo and keep the camera steady as well. Most remote shutters in the market share similar functionalities such as a 30 feet range and support for both Bluetooth 4 and above. However, the most important feature to look out for is portability, so that you always have the remote shutter with you.

5. Kickstand

You can find a number of photography-centric phone cases in the market. The most relevant ones for photographers are those that not just offer protection, but also double as a kickstand. Whether you are trying to set your phone at the perfect angle for taking a picture or watching a video that you just captured, a kickstand can come in quite handy.

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kickstand, phone stand
Kickstand for Cell Phone


The cell phone accessories we have listed in this blog post will definitely help your photos stand out from the rest. Buying a camera, or smartphone, in this case, is just the first step. After that, you can keep on adding a variety of accessories to set you on the right path to becoming a photography pro without having to invest a lot of money.

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