Best Phone Accessories to Gift This Season

phone accessories gifts

With people of all age groups turning to smartphones now more than ever, the best phone accessories make great gifts for your loved ones. You’d be hard-pressed to find amazing gifts this season; Esource Parts got everything you’ve been searching for. We are the leading providers of smartphone accessories. From low-cost Android phone accessories under $20 to expensive iPhone accessories, you can check out the Esource gift guide as follows.

6 Best Phone Accessories

1. Wireless Charger

Fast charging is indeed the need for all. And while you don’t have a cable for your phone or no power outlet available nearby, the wireless charger is the lifesaver. There is a massive collection of wireless chargers that differ according to the model and brand. However, it isn’t easy to let you know about each type of wireless charger available on our site. But if you are an iPhone lover, our 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station is compatible with three different Apple devices such as iPhone, iWatch, and AirPods. Then, how about gifting a single wireless charger to your loved one? 

2. Power Bank

A power bank would be a great gift for smartphone lovers, especially if they’re always traveling. One viable option to choose from is the Qi Wireless Charging Power Bank that comes with a built-in 10000mAh battery, which allows you to use the phone two or three times on a single charge – faster than conventional charging.

Moreover, it has a wireless charging output of 1A, capable of supporting up to three devices simultaneously, and has built-in safety features to prevent your devices from overheating and overcharging. It is suitable for daily use as well as when you go camping and hiking.

3. Phone Cases

There is no best way of protecting your phone from falls or scratches, so it’s better to take preemptive action for 100 percent foolproof protection. Leather cases are best known for their durability. Besides, it looks classy on mobile devices. Therefore, the primary benefit of investing in a leather case is the premium and luxury look that it gives your phone without having to spend hundreds of dollars. Get phone accessories under $20 from Esource Parts.

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4. Wired And Wireless Headphones (earbuds)

Isn’t it annoying wearing wired headphones throughout the day? Of course, all of us face trouble carrying wired headphones everywhere we go. The solution is to buy the latest Bluetooth technology wireless headphones suitable for all mobile devices and is smartly designed according to ear’s geometry – no fixing issues.

Besides, a long list of wireless headphones we suggest you check out the features of mini 503 dual wireless Bluetooth headphone which is small like earphones but delivers a high-quality stereo surround sound (6-7 hours of playtime) similar to a headphone. It comes with a built-in mic and volume control and the bright blue color adds a stylish look no matter what dress you wear.

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5. Mobile Phone Holders and Phone Mounts

What’s best than taking care of someone’s journey? We’re talking about gifting a car phone mount – an essential accessory- that allows people to use the phone i.e, ease of hands-free communication, playing games, watching movies, and navigating throughout the journey.

There is a wide variety of phone mounts and holders available on the Esource website; however, our go-to choice is the Flexible Ergonomic Design Phone Holder that comes with universal compatibility capable to supports your mobile phone and tablet without any worries. The best part of investing in this accessory is that it comes with a fully adjustable feature that gives you ease to adjust the holder’s movement either in forwarding or backward position. Moreover, this phone holder is easy to install, and no tools are required to do the job.

6. Solid Screen Protector

Same as you care about protecting the front and back of your mobile phone, think of protecting your loved one’s device screen with Tempered Glass Screen Protectors. The broken screen badly affects the smartphone’s appearance and its performance too. Once if it gets broken, will result in a huge financial loss. The Tempered Glass Screen Protectors are in much demand compared to plastic ones. They are easy to apply and give your loved ones a natural feel while typing. So, help them protecting their phone’s screen from dust, scratches, and shocks. These protectors are strong, durable, and long-lasting; hence a perfect gift this season.

Final Thoughts

Looking for the best phone accessories? We hope those mentioned above ‘Phone Accessories to Gift’ will help you make the right choice.

Amazing deals are going on the Esource Parts website. Check out the iPhone accessories to gift friends and family and get ready to avail of exceptional discounts this year.

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