Best iPad Accessories for Students on a Budget

iPad Accessories for Students

Being a student in this day and age has become a challenging task. Ever since the effects of the Covid-19’s global pandemic, everything has drastically changed. The education system is one of these changes. As students aren’t allowed to take classes on campus, an online approach is popular nowadays. If you happen to have an iPad, you must know how convenient it is to attend these classes. Thanks to a big screen, powerful processor, and a long-lasting battery, the iPad never ceases to amaze. However, when coupled with the right accessories, the overall experience becomes even better. Esource Parts has the best iPad accessories for students who are on a budget. From pro cases to glass screen protectors, from keyboards to USB charging stations, you’ll get everything in one place.

Whether you’re off to college or in the home watching movies, the following can help you get the most out of your iPad.

1. Shockproof Butterfly Foam Stand Case

As it is a free-standing foam case, it is one of the best iPad accessories you can get your hands on. Since the body is super light, the cover can easily withstand accidental drops. After rigorous testing and durability checks, it is clear that this cover will not let you down. You can set it up on any desk or flat surface and take your online classes at your preferred inclination. The cut-outs are precisely for the iPad, which means you can still access its buttons and ports.

Butterfly Foam Stand Case Cover

2. 20W iPad USB-C Wall Charger

As an iPad battery is quite large, charging could take a long time. If you’re a student, you can’t afford for the iPad to be low on battery. If you’re reliant on the iPad for your online classes, you need a powerful adapter that keeps your tablet charged up. The 20W USB-C wall charger does precisely that.  As it is lightweight and has a compact cube design, it can act as an outlet travel adapter. You can rapidly charge your device anywhere, and you can use your device at the same time. As it does not lose its functionality over different places of charge, it is easily one of the best iPad accessories for students.

20W iPad USB-C Wall Charger

3. iPod iPhone And iPad 30 Pin Dock Extender

This 30 pin dock extender is one of the most useful iPad accessories because of its versatility. As it can easily fit all protective cases, you don’t need to remove your cover while connecting the extender. As it allows for faster transfer of data, you won’t have to deal with any frustration. Moreover, it offers a more secure connection; there will be lesser fluctuation of data during file transfers. The extension also makes the charging port more accessible, which means it’s easier to charge your iPad.

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iPad 30 Pin Dock Extender

4. Soft Stylish Gel TPU Transparent Case

Most people love the design of their iPads. Even though they want to prevent accidental damage, the device’s aesthetics are very dear to them. Fitting the iPad with a bulky cover would provide it the protection it needs. The problem is that it takes away from the look of the device at the same time. Not many iPad accessories address this issue. However, one of the covers that do is this soft and stylish case. As the build materials are transparent, the aesthetics of your device are maintained. The soft gel in the cover adds to the protection and comfort of your device.

Soft Stylish Transparent Case cover

5. Adjustable Goose Neck Lazy Mount

If you are a student who is taking multiple online classes regularly, you may get tired. An iPad is a bulky device, and holding such a large screen for a long time can lead to fatigue in the arms. On top of that, you may have to keep your posture in an uncomfortable position as well. One of the best iPad accessories to deal with this issue is this lazy mount holder. As it is easy to install and adjust to your iPad, the usage should be relatively easy. Equipped with a universal clip, it can effortlessly clamp to surfaces such as desks and kitchen countertops.

Adjustable Neck Lazy Mount holder

6. Apple Lightning Headphones

The Apple earphones are one of the most popular accessories that complement the iPad. As the engineering of the speakers in the earbuds boosts the sound, you get perfectly crisp sound. Thanks to the top-notch stereo sound, you can conveniently maximize your learning and listen to music in your free time. The built-in remote lets you control the playback of audio and video. Due to the design being compatible with the ear’s geometry, the earphones are comfortable and won’t hurt your ears after long periods of use. Since the earphones come with a wire, you don’t have to worry about battery-related issues.

Apple iPhone Headphones

Final Thoughts

When it comes to accessories, Apple never disappoints us. Of course, they come with a hefty price tag, but these days the brand is considering launching something reasonable for students. Since students have to stay within their budget, their search extends a bit more. However, many online suppliers cater to the needs of these students. Esource Parts happens to provide the best iPad accessories for students in a reasonable price range. The reason you shop from them is simple; you’ll get a quality product at the most competitive price.

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