Best Headphones Deals and Sales in Canada 2021

Headphones Deals and Sales in Canada

Without the right headphones, life can sometimes seem a little bland. With digital media surrounding us everywhere we go, the proper headphones are essential to benefit from it. Capable of excellent high-amplitude sound output, they are the ideal solution to listen to quality-demanding audio. Headphones are a luxury that will not ever go out of style, which is why you should consider picking one up. Esource Parts has numerous headphones deals in Canada that ensure you are not short on options. However, it is crucial to go through all the options before you purchase a pair of headphones. In this blog, we have compiled our favorite and most-demanding headphones that fulfill your needs and are super affordable for every user out there. Let’s dive into the details!

Best Headphones Deals 2021

Want a new digital media experience in 2021? Invest in any of the following headphones deals. 

1) Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless over the Ears Headphone

The headphones sales from Canada bring you the QC35 headphone in a bright red color. Packed with Bluetooth 4.0, this is compatible with iPhone, Samsung, and any other device equipped with Bluetooth. The high-fidelity audio quality allows you to make calls anytime and lets you enjoy top-quality music wirelessly. Having the capability to connect with two devices simultaneously, the Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless QC35 is perfect for multi-tasking. Charging should be effortless as it comes with USB charge capabilities. Thanks to a transmission range of 10 meters, you do not have to cling to the device, and you can comfortably perform your daily tasks.  

Bluetooth V4.0 Wireless headphone

2) S8 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Thanks to the in-ear design of these headphones, you can easily cancel out unwanted noise. Designed with dedicated buttons, you can accept calls, play music, and control the volume with this headset. The line length of 0.6 meters ensures that you don’t ever accidentally drop them. Moreover, the IPX4 waterproofing rating means you don’t ever have to worry about water or sweat damaging these headphones. It has a fast-charging option that can let you listen seamlessly to music for up to 12 long hours. They are a fan favorite for the S8 Wireless Earbuds and widely available on headphones sales in Canada.

S8 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

3) Universal 3.5mm Stereo Headset

The Universal 3.5mm stereo headset headphones have a straight molded headphone jack. This headset has a wire which makes it capable of effortless connection to your device. It is available on headphones deals in Canada 2021 in black color, and its sleek design and shape will easily fit into your ear. This elegant headset will mute any mono sound to give you maximized sound quality. It is a perfect accessory to use during calls as the microphone reduces background sound, and it also increases the volume and clarity of your voice transmission to the other end.

3.5mm Stereo Headset Headphones

4) T8 Stereo Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

The Bluetooth and MP3 function on these headphones support the playing of stereo music and the making of phone calls. Even though it supports all Bluetooth-capable devices, it can also take advantage of the 3.5mm jack. The wired connection capability means that you don’t need to worry about charging your headphones repeatedly. The adjustable hinges and foldable design provide a comfortable experience. Likewise, a standby time of 200+ hours ensures that you don’t ever run out of juice. You can pick up this fashionable T8 Stereo Bluetooth Over-Ear Headset at a discounted price from headphones sales in Canada.

T8 Stereo Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

5) 56S Bluetooth Earphones

These headphones are fantastic for sports and are usable while running. The technologically advanced Bluetooth 5.0 offers high-fidelity sound. A combination of a CVC noise-canceling microphone, subwoofer, and stereo helps to make crystal clear calls.  The headphones are IPX5 waterproof and are unfazed by troublesome surroundings. Moreover, the Nano-coating covers the interior design of the 56S Bluetooth Headset to protect it from rain and sweat. The buttons are easily controllable and can be used to play music, answer phone calls, and initiate your phone’s voice commands. The comfortable design and lithium-ion battery provide you with eight long hours of usage on just two hours of charge.

56S Bluetooth Headphones

6) USB Type C Digital Signal Headphones

This headset is another terrific choice for sports enthusiasts on headphone deals for Canada. Having a wired connection, it connects directly to the phone and does not require separate charging. As many newer phone models do not include a 3.5mm jack, this USB Type C Digital Signal Headphone is a decent option for a wired connection. Equipped with noise-reduction technology, you can peacefully listen to audio without any disturbances. The control functions of the headset allow you to adjust the volume according to your needs. The USB-C capability means a high dynamic range and bandwidth, which brings all the quality music right to your ears. The sleek design and sweat resistance guarantee that your headphones are safe and sound while you’re out running.

 USB Type C Digital Signal Headphones

Final Thoughts

Buying a pair of headphones ensures an improved overall experience for digital media. The numerous headphones sales in Canada mean you can grab your preferred headset for the right price. However, the market is saturated, and you could end up buying the wrong product. If you are in the market for a new pair of headphones, consider Esource Parts for the most reliable products.

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