Best Earphones for Running

best earphones for running

Running for just 5 or 10 minutes a day may reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other common diseases.

Beyond those long-term benefits, those who run will know all about the runner’s high you get from all the endorphins that this type of exercise releases. And the only thing that can make running more enjoyable is to do it along with your favorite tracks playing in your ear.

But, in order to really enjoy those tunes and the motivation they give you to keep going, you need to find the best earphones for running. That means considering things like wireless versus wired headphones, in-ear or on-ear headphones, and additional features that make running with music safer and more convenient.

Below, we break down all of the above and even offer some options. Read this guide to headphones for running before making your purchase.

Wireless Versus Wired

Choosing between wireless or wired headphones is a big consideration for running. Each has distinct advantages and disadvantages.

In terms of sound quality, wired headphones generally have better sound because they’re plugged right into your device. But, in all fairness, most digital sounds files today are so compressed that the average user won’t notice too much of a difference in the sound quality between wired and wireless headphones.

Another big difference between wired and wireless headphones has to do with their battery. Of course, wireless headphones need to be charged on a regular basis and, if you forget to charge them, you could lose music halfway through a run (or not be able to bring them at all). With wired headphones, you’ll never have that issue.

It’s the wire part of wired headphones that turns most runners off from this option. Because they need to be plugged in, you’re limited to where you can put your music-playing device, plus you’ll have a cord that could easily get pulled from your ears in heavy winds or if you’re running on trails with a lot of up and down movements. Wireless headphones don’t have those potential problems. You can keep your music-playing device wherever you like and never have to worry about a cord getting in the way.

Last but certainly not least is price. Wired headphones tend to be more economical than wireless options, but you can find both in a wide variety of price ranges.

In-Ear versus On-Ear

In-ear headphones are often referred to as “earphones” or “earbuds”. They’re small headphones that fit right inside the ear. 

They’re comfortable, portable, and among the most affordable options (in fact, your smartphone likely came with this type of headphone). In comparison to on-ear headphones, they work better if you wear glasses (even sunglasses) and, if you run in colder climates, you can easily place a beanie or headband over them to keep your ears warm.

However, it’s more difficult to find a perfect fit with in-ear headphones. It takes time to find a pair that are comfortable in your ear for long periods and don’t slip out. But in-ear headphones with hooks that are placed around the ear easily solve that problem.

On-ear headphones are typically more comfortable than in-ear headphones because they sit over the ear and are made with skin-friendly materials. They’re usually adjustable so you can get a tight fit that keeps them secure while you’re running. The disadvantages of on-ear headphones are that they can be a bit bulky and are definitely less convenient for carrying around than earbuds. On-ear headphones also don’t work great for people with glasses. And, if they fit too tight, that’s great for ensuring they’re secure while you’re running but not great if you need to hear the sounds around you.

Additional Features

There are some additional features you’ll want to take into consideration when buying the best earphones for running. These include:

  • Water resistance. Your headphones should be resistant to sweat. If you run in rainy or cold climates, you’ll need headphones for Canada (aka something that’s waterproof and able to function in colder temperatures without issue).
  • Noise control. If you run on busy streets, you’ll need to be able to hear traffic to keep you safe. But if you’re running in a gym, you might consider noise cancelling headphones that block out the ambient noise around you.
  • Glasses. If you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses while running, you should take that into consideration. In most cases, on-ear headphones won’t stay put if you have glasses on.

Other features to consider include voice command control, multi-point technology, and a feature that allows you to answer calls while on the move.

Best Earphones for Running

Now that you know what to look for, let’s look at the best earphones for running. We’re offering up options for wired and wireless as well as in-ear and on-ear. Take a look and find something that works for you.

iPhone Ear Buds

These are the simplest wired Apple earphones in Canada. They’re available in black, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, and green. The sound quality on these earbuds is impeccable because they’re engineered to maximize output and minimize any sound loss. As far as additional features go, it has playback control and you can even answer and end calls with the built-in remote.

Earbuds for 3.5MM

Android users require headphones with a different jack type. These simple yet effective earbuds are wired for excellent stereo sound output. The 3.5 mm jack type is compatible with most Android phones and other devices, including laptops, and they’re available in black or pink.

Bluetooth Sport Earphones

These wireless headphones were made for runners. They have a built-in hook that’s placed around the ear to ensure they don’t slip while you’re running. Available in black, yellow, blue, and red, they’re compatible with Bluetooth version 4.1. On a full charge, which only takes 2 hours, they’ll play music for as long as 5 hours.

Xiaomi Redmi Airdots

For Apple earphones in Canada, there’s no need to spend a small fortune on air buds. Instead, try these incredible airdots that are compatible with iPhones, iPads, Androids, Tablets, and Ultrabooks. They support both Bluetooth 4.0 and 5.0 and come with a wide range of features runners will love, including DSP intelligent ambient noise reduction, dust proofing, and IPX4 waterproofing, as well as voice control. Even with the excellent base, you’ll get with these earbuds, they can play your music for up to 4 hours at a time.

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Headset

This wouldn’t be a complete list of the best earphones for running without some over-ear options. These over-ear headphones are a bit different than what you’re used to when you think of headphones. With just one small cord that runs along the back of your neck, they’re technically wireless, quite comfortable for running, as well as lightweight and portable. The controls are located on the earmuff itself, but you can do everything from control volume to answer calls from there.

More Headphones Canada

The best earphones for running really come down to preference. Think about how you listen to your music, where you run, and what you wear while you’re running before making a purchase that suits you best.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for among our recommendations, we have plenty of other options here.

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