Apple iPhone 12/12 pro Cover Cases Review 2021

iphone 12/ 12 pro cover cases review

There are numerous variants available in the competing market amongst which the iPhone 12 leads the rest. With such amazing features, it is obvious that one is curious for its safety and protection from harsh conditions to improper handling techniques. Therefore, cases likewise, a glass protector for smartphones plays a vital role to protect the gadget. This article ponders over a review for iPhone 12 pro cases. 

If you are looking for iPhone 12 cases in Canada, then you are in the right place. The Esource platform provides all the necessary guidelines for a product and discusses reviews for customer satisfaction. Since customers are our priority, Esource emphasizes their needs in particular domains to ease customers to buy their desired product. 

iPhone 12/12 Pro Covers to Choose From

With the market flooded with so many products for your phone, have a look at the few options of iPhone 12 covers that you can choose from.

1. Shockproof Armor Ring Case Magnetic Car Holder Heavy Duty Protective Case Cover

This cover for your phone is an excellent choice as it has a 360-degree rotation stand that can make you go hands-free when using your phone. The credit card holder is an additional feature that can make you go without your wallets; simply add your credit or debit card in your case and be ready to leave out the door. 

It is light in weight and made of the best quality. Therefore, Shockproof Armor Ring Case Magnetic Car Holder Protective Case Cover is the perfect choice for your expensive phone. 

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Shockproof Armor Ring Case Magnetic Car Holder Protective Case Cover

2. Magnetic Wallet PU Leather Flip Case Card Holder Protective Case Cover 

This flip case protects the back of your phone, as well as the front screen. You can combine the credit card holder and stand-view feature together into one carrying case and make it easy to have all your accessories with you. The cover also has a credit and debit card slot to store your plastic money or paper notes. The magnetic flip allows the front cover to easily close and is not heavy so you can easily carry your phone with you. The sleek, waterproof design of Magnetic Wallet PU Leather Flip Case Card Holder Case Cover protects your phone from all kinds of mishaps. 

magnetic wallet PU leather flip case cover

3. Shockproof Anti Drop Soft Silicone Cover Case

These silicone iPhone 12 cases in Canada are highly durable because of the long-lasting material it is made from. It is raised 2 mm from all edges so that the camera on the back does not meet any surface it is placed on. Moreover, the Shockproof Anti Drop Soft Silicone Cover corners are made from a flexible material and are soft to the touch.

soft silicon cases for iphone 12

4. Crystal Flower Design Glitter Soft TPU Silicone Shell Case Protective Case

This iPhone 12 cover has an eye-catching appearance because of the sparkling glitter and crystal found inside it. In addition, all the buttons are wrapped so you can press them easily. It has a 3 in 1 design as the outer layer is soft, the middle layer has a shiny look to it, and the inner layer is hard to protect the body of your phone. This Crystal Flower Design Glitter Soft TPU Protective Case has a sleek, stylish design and is lightweight with a good grip for the holder. 

Crystal flower design glitter soft TPU protective case

Unique Design

Some of you may misinterpret that the new iPhone has the same design as the previous one but there is a minor change in the astonishing design of the latest variant, therefore, if you are intending to put your previous cases as a replacement for the iPhone 12 cover, then this may not work especially when it comes to the other variants among the 4 i.e., iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 pro max.

The iPhone 12 pro cases are water-resistant, durable, and protect your phone from all kinds of scratches and dirt. The cover can also be easily cleaned with a damp cloth to keep it fresh and neat looking. 

Depending on your choice for design, alignment, artistic looks, and safety priorities you set because of your daily routine in the environmental setup, there is thousands of different kind of iPhone 12 cases available on the store from which you can select.

Final Thoughts

Keeping yourself intact with this emerging world which is considered a global village is the foremost target of every individual. From wired communication tools to wireless, we find the best way to be close to our beloved. Among these, smartphones play a vital role nowadays and without which our life seems to be incomplete. However, we are obliged to take care of our expensive gadgets by protecting them with durable case covers.

If you are interested in buying these products, you can check the Esource parts website and find yourself a variety of all types of iPhone 12 pro cases.

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