Amazing Gifts for the Fitness Lovers on this New Year 2021

Despite the pandemic, 2020 was the year of fitness for the majority of people and we will definitely observe the fitness trend a little longer. Exactly why finding a gift for a health junkie or a boot camp warrior can be a tricky business since they already have an idea of what they want. But that doesn’t mean it is impossible! Esource brings forth a list of the best gifts for fitness you can get for your friends or lovers.

You can find a variety of fitness gadgets, clothing, accessories, trackers…. you name it, at Esource at an economical price. As the New Year approaches we’ll be guiding you through some of our favorite purchases which would serve as a perfect gift for your loved ones. Here is a list of the best gifts you can gift on this new year.

6 Best Gifts for Fitness Freaks

1. Android Sports Smart Watch Sim Card Support Fitness Tracker

For anyone who likes to keep a track of their fitness, a sports watch is a perfect gift you can get them this New Year. This android watch has so much to offer, exactly why it is an ideal choice.

Not only does the watch allow you to keep a track of the calories you burn in your workout, but also helps to keep track of your heart rate. The watch is your partner wherever you go!

Besides a fitness tracker, the watch can be used as a mobile phone too. The watch features Bluetooth which allows you to connect it to your phone. You can easily pick your calls while you are working out or driving.

Not convinced yet?  The Android Sports Smart Watch Fitness Tracker also supports SIM cards so you can make calls to anyone you like. With the growing importance of communication, it allows voice calls and SMS and helps you stay connected. Made from durable high-quality material, the android watch guarantees a long life span and is one of the most amazing gifts for fitness lovers.

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Sim card support smart watch fitness tracker

2. Universal Running Fitness Arm Band Sport Phone Arm Bag For iPhone and Android 

Every fitness freak likes to keep their mobile phones with them when going to the gym or even to a park nearby. A Universal Running Fitness Arm Band is an ideal choice as a gift if your partner likes to workout.

From earbuds to keys or even a small hand towel you might want to carry with you, this bag will hold it all for you. The bag offers ample space for almost anything you want to store. 

The highlighting part is that it is compatible with any brand whether it is Apple, Blackberry, Google, Huawei, Samsung, HTC, or any other brand you name it.

Universal running fitness arm band

3. Running Belt Waist Band Pouch Pack Water Resistant Fits 5.5″-6″ Larger Sized Mobile Phones

A running belt pouch is one of the most essential accessories a fitness lover needs. This is literally a lifesaver when it comes to storing important items and one of the best gifts for fitness.

We offer an elegant blue pouch that is suitable for both men and women. The convenience offers to keep your smartphone while jogging is incomparable. You can jog while listening to songs without fear of your smartphone falling. It fits perfectly on your waist with the aid of elastic construction. Moreover, the Running Belt Waist Band Pouch Pack Water Resistant is lightweight so it won’t interfere with or slow you down during your workout.

waist band running belt

4. Magic Earphone Hat Wireless Bluetooth Music Headband 

With the rapid growing technology, new innovative inventions are being introduced on daily basis and you can’t miss these new accessories. This Magic Earphone Hat Wireless Bluetooth is an ideal choice to surprise your fitness lover.

There are a lot of features the hat offers. The headband has Bluetooth that allows users to listen to songs while working out. Unlike headphones or earbuds that gets uncomfortable with sweat, this band protects you from being disturbed by sweat or messy hair. Not only this, but the headband is made up of high-quality fabric that absorbs sweat and dries quickly making it excellent for jogging. 

Still doubtful? The headband offers noise cancellation so you don’t have to worry about your loud neighbors or car horns. The headphone is waterproof and the headband is washable with built-in mic and volume buttons. It is safe to say that this headband is the perfect fitness gifts for men.

magic earphone hat wireless bluetooth

5. Wireless Earbuds TWS F9-8 Bluetooth 5.0 LED Display Earphones

There is nothing more relaxing than listening to songs while you jog. Exactly, why we bring you Wireless Earbuds TWS F9-8. The earbuds offer fast automatic pairing allowing the user to easily connect to your phone. The noise reduction allows making sure you don’t get interrupted while outside. 

The company ensures top quality with waterproof ability, so you don’t need to worry about rainy days. Being compact and lightweight, these earbuds are the best gifts for fitness lovers.

wireless earbuds TWS F9-8

6. Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Digital Oxygen Monitor

This Finger Pulse is a great choice for people with respiratory conditions who are sports enthusiasts. It is a great tool to check your oxygen level and pulse rate. The portability and wireless feature provide comfort while you check your SpO2 and PR through the finger.

If you are looking for fitness gifts for men, this Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Digital Oxygen Monitor is a great gift you can get for New Year.

finger pulse oximeter sp02 digital oxygen monitor

Final Thoughts

Esource provides the perfect gifts for fitness lovers this New Year. You can get amazing high-quality workout accessories and equipment for fitness freaks. There are lots of more products besides the above mentioned. Check them out!

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