Amazing Dash Cam Sales and Deals in Canada

Dash Cam Sales and Deals in Canada

There is a general misconception that dash cams are supposed to record ahead and film video if they detect a possible collision. With cheap and simplistic models, that is all they might do. However, a more high-level dashcam goes much further. As they are like miniature CCTV cameras, they always ensure the safety of your vehicle. As many of these come with additional features going beyond simple recording, they come in a range of prices. You can easily pick up one of these at a dashcam sale in Canada. Esource Parts happens to have some of the best deals online. The available options are listed down below.

1. 4K HD Lens Car DVR Sony IMX323 Dual Camera Dash Cam

Being one of the best dash cams in Canada, you can easily pick this one up. The dual 1080p cameras are simultaneously functional because of the powerful Novatek NT96660. Thanks to the IMX323 sensor, this camera is a suitable option for anyone who is part of some taxi service. The indoor camera has an f1.8 aperture. The lowness of this feature means more light enters your camera, which is beneficial for low-light scenarios. Thanks to 1920x1080p video with 60 frames per second, the recording is smooth.

The dashcam has a low-profile design that keeps it well hidden. This feature is especially advantageous for security-related incidents. The camera has a rotatory angle of 170 degrees back and forth, with 50 degrees to either side. As it has smart storage, the oldest recordings automatically wipe away as the new footage saves up.

Watch here: Sony 4K HD Lens Car Dash Cam

2. SQ9 Mini 1080P Full HD IR Night Vision Car DVR Dash Cam Recorder

The SQ9 Mini is one of the few dash cams from Canada that offer full HD recording. Recording a video in the middle of the night can be difficult. Thanks to a low aperture and night vision capability, you can easily capture footage when it’s pitch black outside. As it comes with a top-quality motion sensor, it adds to the protection of your vehicle. Thirty-two gigabytes of video recording capacity means that you don’t have to worry about storage capacity any time soon. Having the capability to record at 30 frames per second, the video quality you get is much better.

3. 1080P 2.7” LCD Car Camera Full HD Dash Cam

This front camera has a recording angle of 110 degrees to ensure you have all the essential points covered. When you turn the car on, the dashcam automatically wakes up as well. It is even usable at the back as a car reversing system. The stylish black mirror adds to the beauty and prevents glare impact. Even though the screen is large, the body is remarkably slim, so it takes up minimal space in the car. This dash camera can monitor the roads ahead and behind you simultaneously. You can purchase one of these from a dash cam sale in Canada.

4. HD 1080P Car Dual Lens Rearview Mirror DVR Camera Dash Cam

This camera is one of the few dash cams from Canada that have such a wide recording angle. The duals lens camera captures video at 170 degrees. Equipped with a 4.3 inches screen, you can easily monitor everything the dashcam records. As it makes the most reliable rearview mirror for your car, it should be a guaranteed companion for your travels. Thanks to the high-tech G-sensor, you can detect any sudden stops or collisions. In such a scenario, the camera will automatically lock the current video.

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5. Car DVR Camera Lens 4.0’’ inch Dash Camera

The dash cam comes with dual simultaneous lenses, which means both the front and inner lens record together. The inner lens has a wide angle of 120 degrees. If you install the camera at the rear, the DVR automatically switches to display the rear lens whenever you’re reversing. The rear camera lens has four LED lights that assist you as well. Thanks to six glasses on the front lens, the video is crystal clear, even in high temperatures.

Watch here: DVR Camera Lens Car Dash cam

6. SQ11 Full Mini Spy DV Camera

The SQ11 is one of the only dash cams from Canada that use infrared radiation. The six LED lights help the camera to capture night vision video. As it has a built-in lithium-ion battery, the camera can record top-quality video for up to 100 minutes. To get extra storage, it can pair up with a 32 GB TF card. Due to the compact and fashionable design, a TV monitor video connection should be convenient. Thanks to the on-loop recording, this dash cam is usable for surveillance.

Why are dash cams worth it, and why should you invest in them?

If you drive a vehicle, you must have a good quality dashcam installed. Although the device will not reduce your insurance rate, it can still protect you against the wrong claim by proving evidence of who was at fault during a collision. The cam can capture disturbances made by another car driver while your vehicle is parked, allow you to review their movements, your teen’s driving habits, and record road trips.

Final Thoughts

A dashcam doesn’t only add to the protection of a vehicle but can also add to your personal security. You can conveniently get one online through a dash cam sale in Canada. Out of all these deals, Esource Parts in Canada undoubtedly provides the best-quality dash cams.

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