7 Types Of Cases You Can Get For Your Smartphone

Picking the right case cover for your newly bought smartphone is always a dilemma. On one hand, you want to protect your phone from accidental drops and impacts. Phones have become more and more expensive over time and you have invested months of savings in buying the best. So, it is only natural to think about protecting your phone against scratches and damage.

But on the other hand, you do not want to compromise on its sleek design either. After all, all the engineering that it took to make it so sleek is why it is so expensive in the first place.

Luckily, you can find a great variety of mobile phone covers in the market that are designed to give your phone the best possible protection while giving your phone a stylish and eye-catching look. In this blog post, we present a guide on the various types of phone case covers and the pros and cons of each one so you can make the right choice for your smartphone.

1. Transparent Cases: Clear and Simple

Transparent cases allow you to add a layer of protection without hiding the design of your phone. You can find transparent cases made of different materials in the market and they can be generally classified into two types: hardcovers and soft covers.

Hard Transparent Covers

Hard transparent covers refer to mobile phone cases usually made from hardened transparent plastics. While they give your phone, a cleaner look as compared to their soft counterparts, they do little to absorb the shock of an impact. However, they are prone to damage themselves too so you might need a replacement every now and then.

hard transparent mobile covers

Soft Transparent Covers

Soft transparent covers are usually made from silicon-based materials. They are more shock absorbent and easier to grip than hard shell covers. The only downside is that they collect dust and grease over time, which gives them a yellowish tinge that looks unattractive.

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soft transparent mobile covers

2. Bumper Cases: Minimalist

bumper case cover

Bumper cases cover the sides of your phone leaving the front and back of your phone open. They give your phone significant protection against accidental drops and impacts on the sides but are not very helpful against drops on the front or back of your phone. Bumper cases also make it easier to grip your phone making it less likely to drop them.

3. Leather Cases: Classy and Stylish

Leather is a material that is often associated with luxury and premium quality. Its texture and feel are unmatched and is visually stunning as well. Therefore, the primary benefit of putting on a leather case is the classy look that it gives your phone.

While a leather case will protect your phone from day to day scratches, it will not be very effective in protecting your phone from drops and accidents. But it does provide you with a firm and sturdy grip on your phone.

Having said this, leather cases age really well over time. This is why consumers with a taste for vintage items prefer to go for leather cases. They add a luxurious look to their phones and make them stand out from the herd.

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Leather case cover

4. Wallet Cases: All-in-one

wallet case covers

Do you always carry your phone, keys, and wallet everywhere you go? If yes, then a wallet case might be the best mobile phone case for you.

Wallet cases help you reduce the number of things you need to carry since they come equipped with attached pockets where you can store cash, credit cards, and even keys.

The benefit of purchasing a wallet case is that it can replace your credit card holder or even your wallet. You can find a couple of different varieties of wallet cases in the market. These range from ones that open up like a book to ones that have slots in the back for you to store cash and cards.

At the end of the day, it is a trade-off is between minimal design and more space for more stuff. So, depending on your requirements, a wallet case might be the most suitable mobile phone cover for you.

5. Thin Fit Cases: Aesthetics Matter

Each year, smartphones are reiterated to become smarter, thinner, and more eye-catching than the previous year. Adding a thick and hefty phone case over your smartphone sometimes does do justice to the phone underneath. If you would like to keep the looks of your smartphone while protecting it against day-to-day scratches then consider purchasing a thin fit case.

A thin fit case is like a phone skin that you can apply on your phone to complement its looks and add some basic protection. They are also ideal if you want to try on a new color or add some more texture to your smartphone Note that thin fit covers are not very effective against drops and accidental bumps.

thin mobile covers, fit mobile covers

6. Rugged, Heavy-Duty Cases: Maximum Protection

Rugged mobile cases, heavy duty cases

Rugged cases are at the other end of the spectrum when compared to thin fit cases. They give your phone the maximum protection possible but make your phone look hefty (and often ugly!).

Heavy-duty rugged typically come with reinforced edges, thick rubber bodies, water-resistance/dust-resistance, and shock-resistance to protect your phones against all kinds of drops and scratches.

However, having a rugged phone case cover does not always mean that you have to compromise on your phone’s looks. You can find an excellent variety of rugged, but eye-catching mobile phone cases on Esource Parts.

7. Battery Cases: Perfect Companion

If your phone has poor battery backup or you simply do not have the time to plug in your phone every little while then a battery case is the ideal phone case cover for you.

A battery case is a thick and bulky case that not only does an excellent job of protecting your phone, but also have a built-in battery that can charge your phone while the cover is on.

Apart from that, a benefit of battery cases over a separate power bank is that they charge with your phone so you do not have to charge two devices to keep your backup battery ready. Your phone and your power bank will be charged simultaneously and ready to go when and as you need them.

mobile Battery cover cases


There are multiple reasons why you might want to put phone case covers on your smartphone. They can help you protect and personalize your phone while adding a few more useful features(such as battery backup).

But no matter what you are looking for in a phone case cover, you can be certain about one thing: there is a massive variety of mobile phone cases available out there. Visit Esource Parts to find an excellent collection of all these types of mobile phone covers and more.

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