7 Things to Consider When Buying a New PS4 Controller

Ps4 controller

The PS4 was a video game console introduced in the market a few years ago. Due to its ability to keep you hooked for tens if not hundreds of hours, the PS4 is still widely popular. However, the overall experience of this console is not the same without a controller of decent quality. When you are in the market to get yourself a PS4 controller, you might be surprised. It is because there are always more options than you may think.

Esource Parts is an electronics supplier in Canada. They have more options for a controller instead of just the ones that come directly from Sony.  If you are looking for a decent PS4 controller in Canada, it could be especially beneficial for you. However, there are certain things you have to consider before you get your hands on any controller.

Wired or Wireless

You may be thinking about why anyone would want to buy a wired controller in this day and age. The decision on what type of controller you would need partially depends on your gaming environment. If you are serious about gaming on your PS4, you would need a controller that experiences low latency. Wired controllers offer a lower latency compared to wireless controllers. Most wireless controllers have that split-second delay that can make all the difference in high-intensity situations. It is why professional gamers have their controllers wired to their operating system. If your use a wired controller, you don’t have to worry about battery life either. You can get a wired PS4 controller in Canada on the cheap.  

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The Kind of Money You Should Spend

If you don’t want something other than a standard controller, there is no need to spend extravagantly. Even though there are multiple options other than the typical Sony controller, it will cost extra if you want your controller to come with additional options. It is easy to purchase a controller for a low cost. However, these controllers don’t last long, even if they are functional. Cheap PS4 controllers use low-quality parts that break relatively easily. The worst part about buying a cheap controller is that its functionality could be rendered useless with a firmware update from Sony. Purchasing a premium controller doesn’t just address these issues but also offers a better gaming experience overall. You can get your hands on one of these during a PS4 controller sale in Canada.

Should You Get a Sony Supported Controller

The PS4 controllers officially supported by Sony come with a hefty price tag. Their license ensures that they are future-proof. Purchasing a third-party PS4 controller in Canada could prove to be troublesome. If the controller does not have a Sony license, it could become useless when you update your software.  It could leave you with a deadweight controller just a little time after purchasing it.

How About a Modified Controller?

Even though modified controllers are great fun because of the extra advantages, purchasing one would not be recommended if you are a competitive gamer. It is because using a modified controller would be considered cheating. Other players who notice this could end up reporting you to the authorities, and you could be banned.

Are Third-Party Controllers Generally Compatible?

It so happens that third-party PS4 controllers aren’t always compatible with each game. Most controllers are compatible with particular games. Even though tweaking will let them become usable for other games, it generally isn’t worth the effort. It would be advisable to check the controller for its compatibility with your preferred games before buying it.

The Battery You Should Opt For

When you are purchasing a controller, you can choose from two battery options. You can either have a rechargeable battery or a replaceable AA battery type. Rechargeable batteries can be beneficial because you do not have to buy AA batteries over and over again. Moreover, you can get the Fast Charging PS4 Controller Dock Station Dual Charger Stand. It is one of the best PlayStation Accessories that will ensure your controller never runs out of juice mid-game.

Do You Even Need a New Controller?

You may be facing the issue where your controller’s parts have deteriorated over time. Instead of purchasing a new controller, you should push to get your old one repaired instead. Among all the PlayStation accessories available online, you can also find replacement parts for your PS4 controller. It ensures your old controller doesn’t go to waste, and it also saves you a significant amount of money.

Final Thoughts

Esource Parts offers a plethora of choices when it comes to Sony’s PS4 controller. It provides top-quality controllers and speedy delivery to complement them. If you want to snatch up a premium controller at a reasonable price, Esource Parts arrange a PS4 controller sale in Canada now and then.

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