5 Things to Know Before Samsung S8 Screen Replacement

samsung galaxy s8 screen replacement

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been one of the finest flagship smartphones that have come out in recent years. It has a curved edge to edge display with minimum bezels. This leaves nothing but a screen at the front of the phone which happens to be extremely pleasant to the eye. However, a full-screen display also means that your Samsung S8 will be more prone to damage. This can be quite problematic because it renders your phone useless. Hence, you won’t be able to use your phone until you get yourself a Samsung S8 replacement screen.  This is where Esource parts can save the day with their top quality repair services. However, there are certain things you have to keep in mind before you give your phone in for repair.

No Accidental Damages Covered

Samsung does not cover any accidental damages that may be caused to your S8 or S8 plus. This is because the normal manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t apply to these models. Moreover, any Samsung S8 replacement screen you get from the company will be out of your pocket. The worst part is that when you get your screen fixed without a warranty, the Samsung Galaxy S8 replacement screen can cost just about as much as getting the phone brand new again. The S8 Plus replacement screen has an even higher repair cost. Keeping the hefty price tag in mind, you are bound to look elsewhere.

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Invest in Samsung S8 Replacement Screen

Even though there are numerous third-party services that can repair your phone, it is better to look into all the options before handing your phone in. This is because it isn’t always a good idea to give your phone the cheapest repair service you can find. This could very well make you end up with a screen that is low quality compared to the original. This is because scamming is very common nowadays and you can very easily be deceived into getting a simple LCD display that takes away one of the best things about your phone. Esource provides you with a Samsung S8 replacement screen that is guaranteed AMOLED, just as good as the one originally used in your phone.

Repair It

If your phone has been damaged and you are contemplating over if you should get a screen replacement or not, the smart thing to do would be to get in touch with the experts. Esource Parts has a panel of well-trained professionals that have been fixing screens for years now and they can diagnose your phone for the extent of the problem and properly guide you over what should be done. This ensures that you take the right steps towards getting your phone back and running.

Take Professionals Help

There may also be the case where you feel like purchasing the replacement screen online and replacing it yourself. Even though it would save you the cost of labor, this might not be the brightest idea. Unless you know what you’re doing, this could very well go wrong and you could end up doing more damage to the phone. Esource parts have a wide range of expertise when it comes to repairing phones and if your phone is in a repairable state, you can count on these professionals to restore it to a brand new condition.

Warranty isn’t Affected

You may ask yourself if it’s a good idea to have your screen replaced by a third-party service. When you’re at the point where you’re questioning whether your phone’s warranty will be affected, it is important to have all the facts in front of you. The phone’s warranty can definitely be affected, but it probably isn’t because of the reason you may be thinking. It is a very widespread misconception that having your phone repaired from a third-party service can take away the manufacturer’s warranty. Ironically, it is the damage to the phone itself that usually invalidates the warranty. The repair done at Esource parts is done with such quality and precision that your warranty should stay intact if the damage to the phone didn’t nullify it already.

Nowadays, it can be quite difficult to find a third party service that you can rely on for the safety and quality repair of your phone.  Fortunately, Esource parts do just that. If you give them the chance, they are sure to provide you with a Samsung Galaxy S8 replacement screen that isn’t just worth your trust but is even more worthy of your money.

On top of that, Esource parts have a wide range of options which means that they also have the S8 plus replacement screen. This gets you your money’s worth and ensures that the quality of your phone is preserved. Also, they guarantee value for the repair services they provide.

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