5 Surprising Facts about Samsung Phone Repair

samsung phone repair Canada

As time passes, we become increasingly dependent on our phones. An effortlessly pocketable device, your smartphone is like a companion to meet all your day-to-day needs – from texting to making calls to clicking pictures, you do everything with smartphones. Samsung is one of the leading brands that strive to bring you improved phones every year. The constant upgrades on software and hardware lead to a better overall user experience. However, no matter how innovative your phone’s design is, it won’t necessarily be safe from cracking and scratching always, and at this point, you need to repair it. Esource Parts offers you a wide range of replacement parts for your very own Samsung mobile phone. Before we dive into their availability, it would be good to know these surprising facts about Samsung phone repair.

In this article, you’ll learn five essential facts about Samsung phone repair that would help you make the right repair decision. So, let’s dive into the details!

1. The Process May Not Be As Fast As You Think

Most Samsung phone repairs take no more than a meager two hours. All you need to do is make an appointment at the Samsung outlet and drop by for the process. Nevertheless, there are lots of regions in every Samsung-supported country where their outlets are scarce. Even though the company plans to extend its services over the pre-existing outlets, the needs are just too wide-spread to make a difference. In some cases, you may be living in areas where there is no official Samsung store, leaving you no choice but to ship your phone to them. Shipping creates a hassle and leaves you anxious over who’s going to have your phone. Depending on the severity of the damage, it may take up to weeks to get your phone back. This lengthy process is why you should take your phone to a local repair store where the repairing process takes place under your watchful eye.

2. The Deception of Poor-Quality Replacement Parts

If you have decided against sending your phone to an official Samsung outlet, there are cautionary measures you must take for your Samsung phone repair. This action is essential because third-party repair services can often deceive you. Not every business is as legitimate as it may seem. When you are handing your phone in, you are promised good quality parts for unbelievable prices. It sounds too good to be true because it is the case most of the time. After your phone repairs are done and dusted, time may pass without any problems. However, if the parts used in the repairing were of low quality, the poorness will eventually reveal itself, leaving your money as good as wasted. This inconvenience is what you should avoid by buying the replacement parts yourself to ensure top-quality repair.

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3. The Repair May Almost Be the Cost of a New Phone

You may be thinking how absurd this sounds. As surprising as it may be, it is the case sometimes. When you buy a Samsung device, you are promised repairs under warranty coverage. However, the minuscule prints of the terms and conditions hide that accidental damage isn’t covered. This fact usually comes into the light when you’re standing at Samsung’s repair outlet while the technician is tallying up a hefty bill. It is crucial to go through the terms before purchasing your Samsung smartphone to avoid such a scenario. If you’re taking your broken phone to an official Samsung store for repair, be sure to have an appropriate reason for the damage. This precaution might even save you hundreds of dollars.

4. You May Not Need a Technician At All

There is a general misconception that if your Samsung phone suffers any damage, you have to hand it in for proper repair. Even though it may seem like a safer option, it can cost unnecessary money. Moreover, the whole repair process is doable because of the internet. Thanks to countless online repairing guides and walkthrough videos, you know what to do step by step. All you need is a kit with the appropriate tools, and you shall be good to go.  

5. Mobile Repair Stores May Leak Your Data

Not every repair store out there is trustworthy. The unfortunate part is that there is no knowing which stores are the bad ones. Many of these services guarantee that your data can remain preserved, and there is no need to reset the device. After the constant assurance, you might have to give your password so the technician can check if the repairs are in order. This action is generally a ruse to get access to your personal information. Many such stores coordinate with professional blackmailers that can exploit you with the contents of your device. Therefore, you should either reset your phone before handing it over or at least protect sensitive data. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to Samsung phone repair, there are people everywhere who can try to take advantage of your money. If you turn a blind eye to certain things or become careless, you could indeed pay the price. However, Esource Parts offer you high-quality repair parts at affordable prices that surely won’t disappoint you! Do not wait more and check out the site to learn more about Samsung’s replacement parts in Canada.

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