5 Cell Phone Accessories You’ll Want To Buy In 2021

cell phone accessories 2021

In today’s age, mobile phones are more than just the devices we use to make phone calls or send text messages in order to contact people, and can be used for performing a wide variety of tasks. More than anything else, a smartphone and different phone accessories are a significant indicator of the personality of the person who owns the smartphone, along with any modifications that might’ve been made. Some people use skins on the back of their phones to give it an aesthetically appealing look, while others opt for cases that are more functional in nature.

There are a few basic cell phone accessories that everyone should use to enhance the utility of their smartphones or increase their durability. You can find all these accessories on the official Esource website, which is an amazing online accessories store.

The phone accessories we have selected for you can be bought in many different forms and can fulfill many different functions.

Best cell phone accessories

1. Phone Case

A phone case should probably be on top of your list for the cell phone accessories you should buy after getting a new phone – you should waste absolutely no time in buying this useful accessory.

The primary objective of using a case for a phone is to make sure it does not suffer any excessive damage in the form of scratches or cracks. These scratches can appear on your phone easily when you put them down on a table and are especially troublesome for expensive glass or metallic backs. To add to that, a phone screen or back can crack fairly easily if the phone is dropped onto a hard surface. Of course, all of this can be avoided if the phone is protected with a covering case, particularly one made of rubber or other shock-absorbing materials.

Moreover, phone cases can also be used for aesthetic purposes, and are available in sorts of different colors and designs. For example, you can invest in Retro Fashion Soft Cover Cartoon Mermaid Phone Cover Case For iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 / iPhone SE (2020) 4.7

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2. Tempered Glass Screen Protector

A tempered glass screen protector is another invaluable cell phone accessory that everyone should make use of, especially considering that it provides added protection at such a low cost. No matter how careful you are with your phone, your screen is inevitably going to accumulate a lot of micro-scratches from being in your pocket or being placed on a hard surface.

Additionally, all screens that are designed to resist scratches are prone to cracking easily. And all screens designed to resist cracks are prone to accumulating scratches. This means that no screen is secure, and requires additional protection through a screen protector. Which accumulates scratches or cracks instead of impacting the actual screen – can be replaced for a fraction of the price if purchased from the best cell phone accessories store.

3. Power Bank

A power bank is one of the most useful cellphone accessories in terms of utility, and can essentially extend the battery life of a phone multifold. Power banks are available in multiple shapes, sizes, and battery capacities. More affordable power banks offer a capacity of up to 3,000 mAh, which can recharge a phone only once, and more expensive power banks offer as much as 50,000 mAh with multiple charging ports. You can easily carry these devices with you wherever you go, and recharge your phone as many times as you want. 2100mah Heavy Duty Power Bank is also a good option to invest in.

4. Selfie Stick With Bluetooth Remote Shutter

In case you’ve ever wanted to take a group photo and failed to fit everyone into the frame, or not been able to find the right angle because your arm wasn’t long enough, this is the perfect accessory for you. A selfie stick allows you to fit multiple people into a photo frame. The Bluetooth remote allows you to easily snap multiple photos from a distance.

A selfie stick can also come in handy when making vlogs to document special occasions or vacations and allows you to capture the surroundings perfectly.

5. Wireless Headphones

Over the last few years, wireless headphones have transformed from a luxury into a necessity. Most phone companies have removed the option of a headphone jack from their devices. This means that you can no longer use wired headphones while charging your phone. This is one of the reasons that wireless headphones have become so popular, along with the obvious benefits of being able to perform a wide range of tasks while listening to music, etc. Even though wired headphones have not yet become obsolete, wireless headphones have turned into a must-have for most people. For example, S5 HiFi Subwoofer Wireless In-Ear Sports Headset.  

Final Thoughts

These are the five most basic cell phone accessories that most people should own to be able to get the most out of their devices, but this list could be extended up to a dozen items. That’s because there are a number of other accessories available on the Esource Parts cell phone accessories store. They could all be used to improve the functionality of a smartphone, fulfilling any and all of your needs.

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