5 Best Portable Power Bank Review in 2021

portable power bank reviews

Portable Power Banks have a special battery with a special circuit incorporated in it to control power flow. The word ‘bank’ means this device allows its users to ‘deposit electrical energy in the bank’ to use it while traveling or otherwise. Once the phone is charged, this will be called ‘withdrawal of electrical energy from the bank.’ However, it’s essential to get your hands on high-quality power banks so that it doesn’t affect your smartphone battery performance.

At Esource Parts, we have a huge collection of portable power banks. So, in this article, we have listed down 5 best power bank reviews to help you get one.

Let’s dive into the details!

1. Mophie Power Boost XXL Fast Charging 20800 mAh Power Bank Dual USB Battery Mobile Tablet Charger – Blue

This premium quality sleek designed power bank provides enough juice for your expensive gadgets no matter where you take it along. This Mophie Power Boost XXL Fast Charging has a massive battery capacity of 20,800mAh and dual micro USB charging ports that offer fast and efficient recharge for 2 devices (mobile, camera, tablet, etc.) simultaneously. This means you’ll enjoy up to 77 hours of extra runtime.

Moreover, its LED power indicator updates you about the batteries current charging status and remaining life. Invest in this triple-tested battery, which is not just safe to operate, but its slim, compact design allows you to carry anywhere as it can easily fit in your pockets.  

Mophie power Boost Fasr Charging 20800 mAh Power bank

2. 10000mAh Slim Power Bank Fast Charging Multiple USB Ports With LED Indicator External Battery Charger

This portable power bank offers universal compatibility with your iPhones/iPads/Androids/Tablets. Its fast charging feature of 10000mAh gives you a charge up to 80% in just 35 minutes, which means it is 3x faster than conventional chargers.

2 USB outputs, 1 Micro input 1 Type-C input, and 4-Output Charges enable you to charge your devices simultaneously at speed up to 2.1A. Moreover, this Fast Charging 10000mAh Slim Power Bank is small enough to fit your pocket all the time while traveling or performing other duties.

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Fast charging slim power bank

3. 10000mAh Qi Wireless + Wired Charger 2-in-1 Power Bank USB Fast Charging Portable Battery Charger For Phone/Tab – Black

This dual-purpose power bank can also be used as a stand holder for your gadgets and have universal compatibility to support phone, laptops, and tablets.

It supports both wireless and wired charging (can charge 3 devices simultaneously). The battery capacity of this Qi Wireless + Wired Charger 2-in-1 Power Bank is 10000mAh with a Type C output interface and double USB which supports fast charging. Moreover, it comes with a digital display of battery status to keep you updated about the charging percentage.  

2 in 1 wireless and wired charger Power bank

4. Powerology Slim Charge Power Bank 8000mAh Capacity Portable Fast Charger External Battery Pack Charger – Black

The slim, lightweight, compact design and high battery capacity 8000mAh make this power bank ideal for traveling. Its universal compatibility supports all kinds of devices such as your iPhone’s, Android Phone’s, iPad’s, and Tablet’s and holds enough charge to refuel these devices at least once – USB charging technology.

 Moreover, this Powerology Slim Charge Power Bank protects your phone from overloading and short circuits. It can easily fit in your pockets.  

Powerology slim charge power bank

5. 2100mah Heavy Duty Power Bank – Black

As the name suggests ‘heavy-duty,’ this large capacity 2100mah portable power bank can charge any device – iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, IPad, IPad 2, IPad3, Android,  EReaders, iPod, Galaxy Tab, Kindle, and many more – suitable for your business trips or outdoor fun activities like camping, hiking, etc.

Its smart digital screen display shows the remaining power, input, and output status in digital format so that you get a better user experience. It fits almost all USB-powered devices, and you don’t need to carry many cables.

2100 mAh heavy duty power bank

2 Essential Tips to Choosing the Right Power Bank

Besides guiding you about the best power banks on the go, we would like to help you choose the correct one.

1. First, know your battery and charger size. The power bank you’ll buy must have the same size as your device battery. However, if your phone’s battery frequently gets drain, get the highest mAh power bank so you don’t run out of battery during emergencies.

2. Your power bank output voltage must be equal or greater than that of your device.

Final Thoughts

A bad quality power bank cannot just damage your device battery, but it’s charging port too. Likewise, it can create some security risks for short circuit. For example, overcharging can cause the power bank to explode. Therefore, you must read about power bank reviews before investing in one for your expensive device.

At Esource Parts, you’ll get a huge collection of portable power banks; however, you need to choose according to your phone and its charger specifications. 

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