3 Ways to Get a Discount on MacBook Screen Replacement

MacBook Screen Replacement

The MacBook is one of the most superior and powerful laptops ever designed by Apple. Since their build materials consist of high-quality parts, they feel indestructible in your hands. However, just like all other laptops out there, they are also prone to accidental drops and damage. The breakage of your MacBook’s screen can seem like the end of the world. This feeling is especially true if the damage is widespread and makes your laptop unusable. Because of a unique retina display, a MacBook screen replacement is much more expensive than other laptops. If your screen is unluckily damaged, chances are you’re already looking up how much the repairs are going to take. Esource Parts provides you with the best replacement parts at the most reasonable prices. However, you should be aware of the different ways you can have a repair without forking over too much money.

This article will teach you three best ways to get a discount on MacBook screen replacement. Read till the end.

1. Take Advantage of Apple’s Warranty

No one would understand the design of the MacBook as well as the one who created it. According to consumer laws, you have the option of a MacBook Pro screen replacement by Apple themselves. The best part is that you have this option for a whole year, totally free of charge. Either you hand your laptop to an Apple service provider, or you can send your phone to an Apple repair center. Thanks to the rigorous training of Apple’s technicians, they all provide the same top-quality services. The repairs are supported by Apple and offer same-day service for MacBook screen replacement. Due to Apple’s repair services, you do not have to worry about the screen’s quality. After a thorough examination of your laptop, the technician will tally the cost of service. If your MacBook is still under warranty, the repairs are by your Apple Care plan or consumer laws. Having AppleCare+ will ensure that you have expert technical support and screen replacement coverage for your laptop. Before you hand over your MacBook for repairs, you should activate FileVault and make a backup of your data. This precaution is necessary as laptops are occasionally reset during the process, and Apple is not responsible for lost data.

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2. Do It Yourself

Even though this may be the most unconventional approach to repairing your MacBook Pro screen, it isn’t impossible. For some people, the warranty can become void due to several reasons. Regardless of how it happened, you can find yourself in a sticky situation. Without warranty coverage, Apple’s repair services cost around as much money as a new laptop. For most people, the sum of money is just too high. If you have a rough idea about the repair process, you can do it yourself and save a considerable amount of money. Thanks to a wide array of options online, you can get a screen of your choice and install it yourself. The whole process may sound tricky, but it’s doable because of online repair videos. All you need is your MacBook Pro, a replacement screen, a hairdryer, and a suction cup. You can do the following for a successful screen replacement:

  • Heat the adhesive of your screen using the hairdryer.
  • Press the suction cup onto the corner of the screen until it is attached. Once properly sealed, pull the suction cup away. 
  • Remove the adhesive strips covering the corner of the new MacBook Pro screen. Heat it again with the hairdryer for a proper fit.
  • Place the replacement screen in its position. Make sure the dimensions properly align with the frame of your MacBook.
  • Gently press down the screen and peel off the protective covering.   

3. Opt for a Third-Party Repair Service

Repairing a laptop’s screen on your own takes time and patience, something not everyone has. Fortunately, there are a plethora of third-party repair services available in your locality. These services are more likely to agree on MacBook screen replacement discounts and decrease their overall cost. Apple repair centers aren’t always available, and shipping your laptop may not even be an option. Third-party repairs are straightforward as an assessment of your situation is possible on a walk-in basis. Apple has a company policy due to which you have to erase your laptop’s information before they work on the screen repair. However, these services can bend the rules and are more compliant with your wishes to preserve the data.

Final Thoughts

Out of all these options, you should carefully consider what’s best for you to get an appropriate discount. Regardless of the path you choose to take for a screen replacement, quality should be your utmost priority. If you wish for the repairs according to your choice of screen, that is also possible. Thanks to Esource Parts, you can get your preferred MacBook Pro screen at the most reasonable price points. For more details, visit our site now!

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