3 Best MacBook Battery Replacement Options That Every Mac User Should Know

macbook battery replacement

There’s a reason that your MacBook is one of your best investments – these laptops are fast, better designed, have a long-lasting battery, and can sync to all of your Apple gadgets. While Apple makes reliable machines, at one time, you’ll need a MacBook battery replacement when they slow down or malfunction. When this integral part of tech doesn’t charge or slows down, you need to start searching for the high-quality battery from suppliers who provide it at affordable prices.

At Esource, we understand how much our customers have invested in their MacBook already and so they’re unable to pay hefty charges for its replacement parts. Therefore, we love to offer our wide selection of MacBook replacement parts at prices our competitors can’t beat.

Now, let’s discuss the three best options for your Mac battery replacement and how you can analyze it’s time to do so.

The quickest way to check your MacBook’s battery’s health is by clicking the battery icon in the menu bar located at the upper-right corner of your screen while holding the Option key. You’ll see one of these notes (provided by the System Report) on the battery’s status:

  • Normal
  • Replace Soon
  • Replace Now
  • Service Battery

These four notes should give you some detailed information on whether a MacBook battery replacement is required or not. Finally, if you’ve decided to replace it anyway, choose one of the following Mac battery replacement options.

Option# 1: Replace With Your Apple Warranty

Check your MacBook’s warranty status. If it’s valid, you can visit the Apple store to replace the battery free of charge. Moreover, you can check your Macbook’s battery warranty status (using your machine’s serial number) on Apple’s Check Coverage website. If you don’t have warranty coverage, start looking at the next Mac battery replacement options.

Option # 2: Repairs at Authorized Service Centers

There are countless official stores in all countries that offer Macbook battery replacement but at high prices. However, there are also many unofficial service centers that provide quality Mac’s replacement parts at reasonable prices and are successfully operating their business online.

Option # 3: Buy Replacement Parts Online

The question here arises whether you should opt for official repairs or purchase Mac battery replacement parts online to repair it yourself? Well, the benefit of having your machine repaired from official stores is that you get it done professionally. But, getting repairs from authorized Apple partners is quite expensive as it involves their service costs and the cost of the replacement parts. Also, their replacement process is a bit lengthy.  

A good alternative is to purchase Macbook replacement parts online and repair the machine on your own. Now, you might be thinking that can Macbook air battery replacement is also possible? Thankfully, it is possible, and you can buy its replacement parts online.

Is it safe to replace the Macbook battery yourself?

Yes, it is 100% safe as there’s no rocket science required. Replacing the battery yourself not just saves a bit of money, but your precious time too. Moreover, it is a much more secure option as you don’t need to give your entire notebook over to a third-party. However, you should be very careful about choosing the right battery because a low-quality can affect your Macbook’s performance–buy it from an authentic seller.

Not sure how to move on with Macbook air battery replacement parts? For more information, we advise you to can check YouTube tutorials.

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MacBook Replacement Parts in Canada

Since the beginning of COVID-19, people prefer shopping online rather thanvisiting physical shops to purchase their device replacement parts. There are many online stores in Canada that offer Mac battery replacement parts, but you must consider the following 3 main factors before choosing your next online supplier of replacement parts:


If you’re concerned about the pricing of battery replacement parts, buy your products from the leading online store in Canada named ‘Esource Parts’ that aren’t only reliable but offer parts at very reasonable prices.

Availability of a complete range of Macbook parts:

Besides the battery, there are many parts in your Macbook that can need replacement such as the screen, charging port, front glass, back glass, fingerprint scanner, and power buttons. So the online store you choose to purchase from should have the entire range available, including Macbook air battery replacement parts.

Warranty and Services:

The best online store provides 24/7 customer support– not just before placing an order, but after you receive the part as well. They are responsible for addressing all your queries and concerns, including a warranty for the replacement parts you purchase from them.

Buy Cheap MacBook Replacement Parts Available In Canada:

Macbooks are great for professionals, students, and those people who need efficiency in their daily work. Those who’re using it for years know how vital and expensive its replacement parts are, especially its screen and battery. So, when anything goes wrong with these components, they need to have them running quickly and of course at cheap prices. Therefore, they choose to get MacBook replacement parts online in just a few clicks.

Final Thought

A Mac battery replacement becomes necessary when this important piece of tech stops charging or doesn’t perform like it once did. Come to Esource Parts, search our stock year-wise or according to your model and order your battery now!

Last but not least, if you’re looking for Macbook air battery replacement online, be sure the battery you choose is specific to your machine’s model.

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