10 Perfect Gifts for Smartphone Lovers

Gifts for Smartphone Lovers

Some people never put their phones down. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, and Candy Crush, your best friend is obsessed with their smartphone and all of its useful apps. If this is the case, gift them high-quality cell phone accessories to make their device more fun and secure. 

For both iPhone and Android smartphones, Esource Parts has some excellent screen protectors, cases, adapters, charging cables, multi-mount holster, and add-ons you can’t find anywhere else. This online store in Canada got accessories for every budget. Let’s have a look below.

1. Knitting Touch Screen Gloves

There is nothing more thoughtful than gifting tech-friendly gloves in the cold. We all know that gloves have a certain thickness that prevents the finger from touching the touchscreen’s surface, and ultimately we need to take our gloves off to answer a phone call or send a text message.

Here comes the special role of knitting touch screen gloves with a double layer knit design that allows the finger’s electricity to pass through to the screen, making typing more comfortable. What a great gift!

knitting touch screen gloves

2. Mini Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Earphone

We are living in the age of wireless items and accessories. And among those technologies, Bluetooth is the most compatible device that all of us can embrace.

The mini wireless Bluetooth earbuds have a high-quality sound, which is perfect for gifting your loved one. Besides being fashionable, they are a lightweight accessory convenient to use for long hours. Moreover, it has a built-in HD microphone to make high-quality voice calls. Your friend can connect this mini wireless earbud to her smartphones and tablets to stream music privately.

wireless earbuds

3. Wireless Charger with Car Phone Holder

Car phone holders are brilliant gadgets to gift. Your friend can easily fit it into their car’s dashboard or windshield mounting to enjoy a hands-free experience while driving. Furthermore, you will be glad to know that this wireless charger car phone holder has a fast charging feature and can charge the phone with astonishing speed.

Wireless charger car phone holder

4. Mobile Thermal Printer

Your bestie’s obsession with their smartphone also indicates they love to click the best photos. So, how about gifting them a mobile printer capable of printing all pictures of their precious moments? This accessory can also print documents, labels, and other essential documents in high-quality, suitable for businesspersons and travelers.

With all the modern manufacturing, this mobile thermal printer has become the necessity of professionals, featuring wireless connectivity, fast printing speed, and other capabilities. Isn’t it the best idea to present your friend’s portable accessories that they can take almost anywhere with them?

mobile thermal printer

5. Slim Qi Wireless Charger Pad

As the name suggests, wireless charging means that you don’t have to plug anything into your phone. It could be the best accessory to gift anyone looking to enjoy a life free of wires. It is easy to carry around and also has a fast-charging feature that allows phones to charge in just a short period.

With this slim QI wireless charger pad, your friend will not need to worry about keeping different chargers for their Apple and Android smartphones as it is compatible with both devices. 

Slim Qi Wireless Charger Pad

6. Airpods

For friends using iPhone, AirPods can be the right gift for them, especially if they have wired headphones. It is small in size and super easy to carry everywhere. Your friend can use it daily as it provides up to 5 non-stop hours of listening.

But before gifting, you will need to make sure that your friend doesn’t have it already, as Airpods are one of the most common iPhone accessories that everyone owns it.


7. Rechargeable Selfie LED Lights

Is your friend fond of taking selfies? If yes, selfie LED light is an excellent accessory to gift. No doubt, smartphone cameras have superior results, but clicking pictures can still be frustrating in low light. Here is why portable selfie lights come into existence. It includes a built-in rechargeable battery capable of recharging with a power bank, computer, wall charger, laptop, and all USB-powered supply. Moreover, it comes in a cute shape, and with its pocket-sized, your friend can take it anywhere easily.

Rechargable selfie LED Light

8. Game Controller

If your friend loves playing PUBG, Asphalt, or Bomb Squad on their smartphone, why not enhance their gaming experience by gifting a game controller? It is one of the best mobile accessories you can gift to game lovers who want to master their controls when navigating through games with fingers. Trust us, with the use of this accessory, your best friend will find themselves crossing all levels quickly.

Game controller

9. Wallet Cases: All-in-one

Gifting a wallet case is a good idea, especially if your friend loves to carry a phone, keys, and wallet everywhere they go. Wallet cases are equipped with attached pockets, making it easy to store cash, cards, and other little things. You can find many different wallet cases that range from ones with slots to ones that open up like a book.

Wallet case

10. Smart Sleep Mask With Bluetooth 5.0 technology

Many people have a habit of falling asleep listening to soft music, so they put on their earbuds. If your friend is one of those people, a smart sleep mask is one of the best accessories that you can gift to them.

Earbuds can be uncomfortable while sleeping. The sleep mask does not use earbuds; instead, it is made of velvet and stretch cotton to feel comfortable. Moreover, it comes with a high-performance USB rechargeable battery that offers a minimum of 9 hours playtime once a person falls asleep. It is also perfect for blocking other noise.

sleep eye mask with earphone

Final Thought

The holiday season is fast approaching, and if you’re still confused about gift ideas for friends, we would advise you to choose from the high-quality cellphone accessories mentioned above. Frankly, the panic of finding the perfect gift for smartphone lovers is real. However, these mobile accessories are not only affordable but can be of great use for them. 

From prices to product details, everything is mentioned on the Esource Parts website. The best part of shopping from this online store is that they offer their customers premium services. This includes 24/7 online support, delivery in 24 hours in various locations in Canada, free shipping on orders worth above $300, and much more. It means you will get great value of money when you shop for mobile accessories from Esource Parts. 

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