Blackberry Z10 LS1 Battery

Blackberry Z10 LS1 Battery
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• Each BlackBerry Z10 LS1 Replacement battery is made of high-quality lithium-ion cells for longer last time. The battery is up to standard and fully compatible with BlackBerry Z10 LS1. Best Replacement Part for the old, defective, faulty battery with comparable standby and talk time.
• Stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power All over the day! Fix your Non-working BlackBerry Z10 LS1 by changing the battery (if old battery is bad or does not hold the charge). All batteries have been tested before shipping.
• Replace your Smart Phone Battery with a fresh and durable battery. It has 1800 mAh capacity and extremely high-performance power supply will make your phone feel brand new! Longer lasting battery means you no longer need to carry around a portable power bank.
• 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Great Value for Your Money. Just Click to Add to Cart to get this BlackBerry Z10 LS1 Replacement Battery to get fun and enjoy again like a new one. If you are unable to turn your phone on after installed, please try to reconnect the battery connector and charge the phone.
• Our battery is sent out with little or no power, so please charge it for about 4 - 6 hours before using. Keeping an extra battery, charged and handy, is a good plan anytime. Long flights and longer meetings, power blackouts and transit snarls - an extra battery gives you the power to keep on communicating.
BlackBerry Z10 LS1 Generic Lithium-Ion Replacement Rechargeable Battery 1800 mAh Capacity

Frustrated over the battery of your Blackberry phone that drains so fast? Worry no more! Here is the best replacement battery for your Blackberry Z10 LS1. This brand new battery is the perfect one for your BlackBerry Z10 LS1! Pair it up with your Blackberry phone and enjoy more talk and standby times. Only BlackBerry Z10 LS1 smartphone batteries work best with your device, holding their charge longer and taking the maximum number of charges over their lifetime. When you install it, be sure the connector has been properly connected to your device. Stay connected with your loved ones by replacing your old battery and get extended talk time with a new one.

Specification & Features:

Condition: Brand New
Battery Type: Lithium Ion Battery
100% Brand New and High Quality
Compatible Model: Blackberry Z10 LS1
Package Contents: 1 x BlackBerry Z10 LS1 Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery

Why Do You need to Replace your Cellphone Battery?

Batteries in smartphones work like any other battery - they wear out with time. After about 6 months of usage, a decrease in battery life by 10-20% is usual. Another 6 months later it's obvious that the battery needs to be charged more frequently than before. Furthermore, when the battery is really worn out, it's common that the percentage jumps or switches quickly. In some cases, the phone switches off when the battery is running low (at 10-30%) or when a high-performance application, such as GPS, is being used. To correct all these problems, a battery replacement can do the trick!

When a phone has been in contact with liquids or becomes water damaged, the battery is usually the first part to suffer. Often with water damaged phones, a simple battery replacement can bring the phone back to life.

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Brand Blackberry
Phone ModelZ10
Part TypeBattery


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