Blackberry Priv Replacement Battery BAT-60122-003

Blackberry Priv Replacement Battery BAT-60122-003
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  • This High-Quality Battery Offers Long Lasting Power Compatible with Blackberry Priv Phone high charging efficiency. 100% Brand New, Quality Material Cell Phones Replacement Parts & Accessories.
  • Blackberry Priv Battery Bat-60122-003 Lithium Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery, exclusively for Your Phone offers long battery life So, that you can stay connected with your family and friends by getting extra battery power.
  • This Battery provides excellent continuous power sources to your device the battery has no memory effect. The integrated microchip inside prevents overcharging and lengthens battery life.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! No memory effect. Can be charged or discharged as needed without loss High 3360mAh capacity battery cell provides long time to work and play with your Smartphone.


 BlackBerry Priv Replacement Generic Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer Battery BAT-60122-003

You can't always recharge your device when you'd like to. But you can always talk, type, and work as long as you need to. Keep it in your bag or briefcase and stay connected, powered up, and ready to get the job done. Maximum protection and safety for your mobile phone. High Quality and stable in performance. Short circuit and overload protection No harmful material used.

This replacement part, called the Blackberry Priv Replacement Battery BAT-60122-003, is a toxic-free Li-ion battery made specifically for Blackberry's Priv model. This replacement part is rated at 3360mAh and 3.83V.

Specification & Features:

•  Voltage: 3.83V
•  Model: BAT-60122-003
•  Top Quality Battery Chip
•  Capacity: 3360mAh, 12.87Wh
•  Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer
•  Safe battery and never the explosion
•  Compatible: Blackberry Priv Battery BAT-60122-003 Replacement

More Information
Compatible BrandBlackberry
Compatible Phone ModelPriv
Part TypeBattery


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