MacBook Power Extension Cord / Cable for Macbook Chargers

Power Extension Cable for MacBook Chargers
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• This mega safe cable end is confidently attached to the power adapter. This is a laptop charger cable to AC extension and It is built for heavy-duty conductors to handle the power needs of your device. Connect this cable to your computer's adapter charger and charge your device.

• Brand new high-quality Power Extension Cord / Cable with durable jacket protects wire cores. This power cable extension wall cord is designed to work this cable is for you. The hard-wearing cable jacket also protects the wire cores.

• With this item, you can enjoy the smooth experience with added convenience and charging functionality.

• Connect this cable to your computer's adapter and charge smooth and easy to used widely. It charges fast, lasts long, durable and sturdy and enjoys nonstop charging. This is a superior external power plug-in cable that correctly connects to the power supply. Sources to ensure long hours to perform.

• 100% satisfaction guarantee, this charging cable is superb and safe in performance.

Power Extension Chargers Cord Robust Conductor Replacement Cable Compatible with Apple MacBook

Are you looking for a heavy-duty power extension cord for your device? This cable is for you. Its durable conductors can effortlessly handle the power your laptop needs.

This power extension wall cord is Compatible with Apple MacBook. This is a removable part of the adapter and you can replace it with the power cable cord. This cable conveniently gives your device to boost whether traveling for a business trip, in a hotel or at home.

Specification & Features:

• Sleek Design
• Color: White
• Brand New
• Robust and lightweight
• Suitable for MacBook Power Adapter

Customer satisfaction:

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us. We are committed to your 100% satisfaction.

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Cable TypePower Cable
Type of AccessoryCable