Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro - Black

Blends design elements from classic Nintendo controllers with modern ergonomic features. Ergonomic grip allows for player comfort during long play sessions. Additional row of shoulder buttons expands on control options in-game. By plugging into a Wii Remote players experience near wireless freedom. Compatible with more than 460 Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console games. Controller comes in two stylish colors to match your Wii console: black and white.
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•This classic controller is great for you. It is specially designed for your console.
• quality material used to build this Classic Controller Gamepad Compatible with Nintendo Wii Controller Pro.
•This Classic Controller Compatible with Nintendo Wii Controller Pro perfectly fit palms.
•You can directly plug this Classic Controller into the console.

Classic Controller Gamepad Compatible with Nintendo Wii Controller Pro - Black

Classic Controller, easy to use this designed is to work together with the Wii controller on the Wii video game system. The Classic Controller is an update of the old Classic Controller for Wii that allows players to enjoy both their favorite games from the console catalog and select new games. Upgrades include two sets of shoulder buttons.

The controller includes all the functionality of the new Classic Controller as well. Use the control pad along with the A and B buttons for a familiar experience when playing games on console entertainment system games.

Specification & Features:

•Color: Black
•Contoured to perfectly fit a player's hand
•Compatible with Nintendo Wii Controller Pro
•The controller is wired and connects directly to the device
•Comfortable to hold, even during extended gaming sessions
•The additional row of shoulder buttons expands on control options in-game.
•Blends design elements from classic controllers with modern ergonomic features
•The controller goes an extra step to meet the needs of gamers, accessible to people of all ages and all abilities.

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Compatible BrandNintendo
Compatible Gaming ConsoleWii
Game Accessory TypeGame Controller


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