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Tablet and iPad Charger Cables

The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries most of our devices run on have brought us a long way from the battery cells of yesterday. But running movies, apps, and browsing the web takes a lot from your tablet and the lifespan of your battery isn’t finite. The good news is, you can expand that lifespan with good charging habits – which all start with the best tablet and iPad charger cables.


Fast Charging

One of the most important charging habits you can adopt for the sake of your battery life is allowing your battery to completely drain before charging it back up again. Of course, that often leads to having no charge at times when you need it most. The solution? Lightning iPad and tablet charger cables that take your battery from 0 to 100 in no time. And if you’re a gadget-lover with multiple devices that need charging at once, charging stations are also an efficient solution.


Dual Purpose

Keeping your tablet charged shouldn’t mean you’re stuck without the use of your device. Splitters with a USB Type-C and a microphone jack allow you to listen to music while you charge, so you never skip a beat. Dock chargers with built-in speakers mean you can play music the entire night without worrying about losing your charge. There are even charging stations that transmit FM radio, for those of us that like to get our Top 40 the old school way.


Charging Anywhere

Your tablet is a portable device, so being able to charge it on the go is essential. For that, there are wireless chargers that are slim, light, and easy to carry between the places you use your tablet most. Equally as handy is the ability to charge your tablet in the car, whether you’re stuck in traffic or you need to keep the battery lasting for the little ones.


The Esource Parts Difference

Esource Parts knows that good charging habits are the key to extending the lifetime of your device – and we also know that good charging habits start with the best tablet and iPad charger cables. We carry lightning chargers to charge your battery faster, dual-purpose accessories so you don’t miss a beat, and cables that fit your phone and your tablet, so you get more bang for your buck.

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