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Nintendo Console Accessories

Before the Nintendo Switch took over our hearts and minds in 2017, we had the Wii. Today, Nintendo is making family-friendly games for both systems, and the number of Nintendo console accessories that expand how you interact with and experience your system is sizable. Accessories for Nintendo range from specialty controllers that improve your skill across certain games to protective gear that keeps your handheld Switch safe and compact.  



It’s possible to improve both your gaming experience and your skill level by simply changing up the controllers on both the Wii and the Switch. Nintendo Switch controller accessories and enhancements for the Wii include wired and wireless controllers that allow you to add more players, specialty controllers like nunchuks and wheels for interacting with sports and racing games more fluidly, or pro controller cases that keep your accessories safe.



Casual and pro gamers alike know that some Nintendo console accessories wear faster than others. Power supplies are one of the accessories that get the most use and often require replacement. Or, for more flexibility in where you charge and how quickly, you can think about purchasing AC adapters and wall chargers.


Switch Protection

The best Nintendo Switch accessories go beyond enhancing your game because your game wouldn’t exist without the console itself. That’s why keeping this delicate system in a protective case is so important. Consider storing your Switch in a carrying case whenever it’s not being used and, when traveling, make sure you’re using a protective case to keep all the moving parts in one convenient, shock-absorbent spot. Additional measures for safeguarding the Switch include screen covers that resist scratches as well as grips for handheld controllers that help keep them steady.


The Esource Parts Difference

Family-friendly systems come with family-level concerns, like how to keep your console organized, safe, and functioning at 100% capacity. Esource Parts stocks premium Nintendo console accessories for both systems, including carrying cases, replacement parts, and system enhancements. With these and other measures, you can improve your game and the longevity of your console.

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