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Kids Walkie Talkies

Forget about two plastic cups connected by string – now there are kids walkie talkies to play with. Not only are they endless hours of fun for kids, they also keep you connected when they’re playing outside and out of sight.


Made for Kids

A mini walkie talkie for kids has to be made with kids in mind. That means that they have to be durable, easy to use, and of course, fun. Our walkie talkie systems check all of those boxes. They’re lightweight and sized for littles but with features and functions that rival those made for adults.


Great for Adults

You might not use your mini walkie talkie for children for playing hide and seek, but you can definitely use it to keep track of the kids when they’re outside and out of sight. Keep one two-way radio on hand and give the other to the kids so that you can always call them in for dinner or check-in when they wander too far away from home.


Choose Your Style

Available in plain old black or in bright pinks, blues, and yellows, choose from a range of different colors to suit any child’s style. We also carry mini walkie talkie for children with LCD displays that make channel choosing and changing settings that much easier.


The Esource Parts Difference

The world of electronics parts and accessories isn’t exclusive to adults. At Esource Parts, we carry a huge selection of electronics made to suit the little ones in your life. Kids walkie talkies are just one of the many kid-friendly electronics we have on hand – so be sure to check our stock for more great gift ideas for the youngsters.

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