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Spy Gear and Accessories

Spy gear and accessories were once the domain of private investigators and police, but as this technology became more affordable, it became possible for just about anybody to purchase and setup electronic spy gadgets. Though the term almost automatically invokes images of James Bond-like espionage, there are a number of reasons you might require covert cameras and microphones, tracking devices, and other types of spying equipment.


Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras come in all forms. Some mini spy cameras are built into items such as lightbulbs, smoke detectors, and alarm clocks, where they’re planted and left untouched for a period of time. Others, such as those in phone chargers, car keys, and wearable glasses, can be switched on for recording on an as-needed basis. 



Depending on whether you’re collecting evidence to prove that your neighbor is a nuisance, ensuring that your employees are working while you’re away, or checking in on a house cleaner, you’ll need the right features for the job. Some common features you’ll find on micro spy cameras include night vision capability, motion sensor technology, waterproofing, and durability for outdoor use.



Electronic spy gadgets do more than record video and voice. You may also require the need to track movements. For that, there are mini-drones that extend your perspective almost indefinitely as well as Bluetooth activity trackers that track your personal belongings from the safety of your keychain.


The Esource Parts Difference

We understand that there is any number of legitimate reasons for requiring spy gear and accessories. At Esource Parts, we respect those very personal reasons but we’re also here to help you accomplish your goals covertly and with the utmost professionalism. With our large stock of cameras, motion detectors, and microphones, there’s no job we can’t help you collect evidence for.

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