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Face Mask Snorkels

Ready for your next big vacation on the beaches to the south? Or visiting a cottage on a lake for a weekend? Don’t miss out on the best part of being by the water… being able to look inside! Our face mask snorkels give you panoramic views of any body of water that you’re exploring.


Panoramic Views

What moves underwater moves quickly and you don’t want to miss out on spotting any of it. To make sure you’re catching a glimpse of everything, you need a 180 view panoramic full face snorkel mask. A bit different than the traditional goggles, they’re comfortable, breathable, and provide you the same quality of vision you have on land.


Adjustable and Anti-Fog

There’s nothing worse than being in the midst of an awesome snorkel and your mask fogs up. No need to purchase an anti-fog product with these masks – the anti-fog is built right in. And you can adjust it to whatever size fits your head, so you’re always comfortable while you’re in the water.

Colors and Sizes

Personalize your snorkeling experience by choosing a mask in your favorite color. From plain black to pink, there’s a color for everyone in the family. You can choose your sizes, too. We carry full face snorkel masks to fit every shape and size.


The Esource Parts Difference

We’re more than an electronics parts and accessories shop – we’re your family-friendly, one-stop-shop. Before you head out on your next adventure by the water, be sure to check-in and see how we can make your trip even more memorable. From face mask snorkels to waterproof phone covers, we’ve got it all.

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