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Multifunctional Smart Watches

Smartwatches do more than keep the time conveniently on your wrist. When you buy smartwatches, you’re buying the privilege of staying connected when your phone is out of reach, a fitness partner that records your progress across time and space, and a way to keep track of your other devices.



The most common smartwatches are the sporty ones that make any gym-goer look like they take their fitness seriously. They’re small, they’re sleek, and they come in a variety of colors. But there are also digital watches that are easy to read and interact with and, of course, smartwatches that look more like a traditional watch for those professionals that need something to match their business attire.



Apple doesn’t have a monopoly on the best multifunctional smartwatches. Android smartwatches perform all the same tasks and then some.


Linked to your mobile device, there’s not much an android smartwatch can’t do. Besides making and answering calls or texts without having to carry your phone around, a smartwatch lets you control your music, take pictures, and use your favorite apps from anywhere and at any time. Many also come with built-in apps that don’t require synchronization with your phones, such as pedometers and sleep monitors.



Whether you’re using it to track your steps and heart rate at the gym or it's part of your everyday outfit at work, smartwatches get around. That means that they’re vulnerable to damage – or at least they would be without the anti-scratch screens they’re built with. For extra protection, consider purchasing a tempered glass screen protectors (which we always have in stock).


The Esource Parts Difference

You don’t have to break the bank to buy smartwatches. At Esource Parts, we believe everyone should have access to time-saving technologies, which is why we carry a wide selection of multifunctional smartwatches at many affordable price points. Sporty, stylish, and made to link to most android phones, these gadgets make everyone’s life a little more efficient.

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