Electronic Lighters


Electric Lighters Flameless and Windproof

Ever went to light your BBQ only to realize the single lighter in the house is out of fluid? Invest in an electric lighter and you’ll never have that problem again. These are refillable, rechargeable, easy to use, and hard to lose lighters that are great at home and even better in the wild.


Use Them Everywhere

Lighters come in handy around the house, for lighting your BBQ, fireplace, or some simple candles. But if you’re the outdoors type, a good lighter is even more important. Before heading out on your next camping trip, pick up an electric lighter flameless and windproof. You’ll have no trouble lighting the campfire, even in heavy wind or rain.


The Sustainable Option

The problem with plastic lighters is that they’re only good until the fluid runs out. That means more plastic in the landfill and more money from your pocket. But with USB rechargeable coil windproof flame lighters, you can refill them and use them for years without creating any waste.


The Affordable Option

Having a great electric lighter flameless and windproof for various needs around the house or while you’re in the great outdoors doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, with the option to refill them, they end up being more economical than constantly replacing a plastic BIC.


The Esource Parts Difference

Electric lighters both flameless and windproof are an affordable, sustainable alternative to disposable lighters. Especially handy for the outdoors person, they’re refillable, rechargeable, and easy to keep track of. Esource Parts carries a variety of accessories like these to make your life more convenient.

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