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Laptop Charging Cables & Adapters

Over time, the battery of your laptop won’t hold as much of a charge as it once did. But did you know that the same is true of your laptop charging cable? They eventually lose their ability to charge and, in the meantime, you can’t use your laptop. When that happens, find the right charging cable for a laptop at Esource Parts.


Universal Laptop Charging Cables

You don’t have to buy laptop charging cables that are made specifically for your laptop. In fact, doing that is going to cost you a lot more than it should. Instead, check through our stock of charging cables and adapter chargers for laptops. These universal options are way more affordable and there’s one for every brand and model out there.


Charging Other Devices

Once you’ve got your laptop charged, you might need it to charge other devices. For that, you can pick up charging hubs and docks that plug into any USB and charge a range of different devices, from your phone to your external speakers.



There is any number of devices that require adapters to work properly. HDMI and DVI adapters for screen sharing, wireless WiFi adapters, audio adapters, and more. Whatever device you need to use and whatever laptop you might have, we have the adapter you’re looking for. And what we don’t have in our extensive stock, we can help you source.


The Esource Parts Difference

When your laptop charging cable burns out, get back up and running quickly with the extensive stock and quick shipping offered by Esource Parts. We have charging cables for laptops that work with any brand or model, so you’re never stuck without battery.

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