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Mobile Phone Covers

Phone case covers are an essential piece of protecting the investment you’ve made in your device. These delicate pieces of hardware need protection from the inevitable scratches, falls, and spills thateasily render them unusable.

But great mobile phone cases should multi-task as much as you do. That means not only safeguarding your phone from damage but extending their functionality by turning them into wallets and stands as well as reflecting your personality with a variety of colors, patterns, and personalization options.


The best protective cell phone cases offer 360 degree protection, shielding your screen, home buttons, edges, and the back of your device. But protective technology has come a long way and we can now offer shockproof, anti-drop, heat dissipating, and waterproof iPhone cases and cases for other brands that are almost as slim as the phones they’re shielding.

2 in 1’s

Your mobile phone cover can include built-in stands that make selfie mode and video calling that much easier and handsfree. Other 2-in-1 options include case covers with detachable wallets and those that look like actual clutches and don’t clash with any outfit. And, if you tend tomisplace airpods,you’ll be happy to find iPhone caseswith airpod pockets that are basically un-losable.


Although they’re getting better at it, creators of mobile devices aren’t exactly focused on individualizing phones or offering an abundance of colors and options. Personalizing your device is up to you and there’s no better way to make your phone stick out than with a mobile phone cover. Whether you want a simple silicone case in your favorite color, a professional-looking leather case, or you like to switch out the patterns based on today’s mood, we have a range of options to reflect every personality.

The Esource Parts Difference

Esource Parts carriesmobile phone covers for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Google, and most other brands in any generation you’re looking for. We’ve located the best protective technologies and offer them in slim, functional designs that cover a range of colors, patterns, textures and materials. Let us help you find the best protective cell phone cases at the most affordable prices and with all the multi-tasking you demand from your device accessories.

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